Thursday, October 9, 2014

Honesty and Stress

Hi all!

Happy Thursday! How are you all doing today? It's a beautiful October day here in Wisconsin, the weather has been wonderful lately. :)

I need to be honest about something... I have not been doing well nutritionally upon returning from my mini-vacation. In the mornings, I always say that today is a new day and I'll do better today but then in the evening, I eat more than I should be eating. Honestly, I am extremely disappointed in myself for this but it is what it is. For me, posting this blog is the first step in getting back on track. I can tell myself over and over that I'll get back on track today but if I don't hold myself accountable and tell others, then it is extremely easy to push it back to tomorrow. So today I am holding myself accountable to stay on track.

I think that one of the reasons that I may be like this is because I was able to pre-plan my next semester classes and I'll be able to register for them in 11 days. Next semester is going to kill me, it'll be the hardest one of my undergrad degree. I'm taking 5 classes, Research Methodology (ugh!!), Personal and Social Ethics, Interpersonal Relations, Abnormal Psychology and Integration of Psychology and Theology. Those classes in general aren't bad but I have to take 3 classes during block 2 (the second class session) and 2 during block 3 (the third class session). Research Methodology is a 10-week course that I'm starting in block 1 but it continues into block 2 and that's what is making things difficult. I'm stressing out about it already. I've taken this many classes before but the first time it was on accident and it was quite difficult. I don't really have much of a choice in the matter though because I was either going to have to take at least 4 classes in the Spring semester or the Summer semester (which is my final one). All I can say is, Lord help me! I know I'll get through all these classes because I always do, but I won't have much of a life from February to April. Oh the joy of being a student. The positive thing, I'll only have 2 classes left to take during the summer. I'm hoping and praying that they'll be available otherwise I'm not sure what I'll do. But the light is at the end of the tunnel for my undergrad degree. On a happier note, I submitted my graduation application yesterday. :)

Yesterday I came across a variety of  fitness videos that I'm looking forward to trying out. I'm excited, there are videos on kickboxing, walking, strength training, other toning, HIIT, low-impact, and many other kinds. Right now I'm only allowed to do the walking ones but I'm pretty psyched for them all. :)

Well I'm off to work on my homework for a bit, then lunch and then trying out one of the new walking workouts that I found. I hope you all have a wonderful day. Until next time!


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