About Me

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my blog, my life, and my journey. Here's a little bit about me:

I'm a 27-year-old Psychology student pursuing a Ph.D. I have an AAS in Marketing and a BS in Psychology. But I realized that Marketing isn't my true passion, so I changed it to Psychology.

And some other random facts about my life:
I am a huge Brewer and Packer fan
Psychology is my passion
I'm an aunt to 5
I have a brother
My friends are the best and I wouldn't trade them for the world
Family is crazy important to me
I'm tall (5'10.5")
My best friend passed on in 2008, and I miss her more and more each day
I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin
I love coffee/espresso
Writing is one of the ways I release my emotions
I love romance
I've been told I'm a great cook
I believe laughter is the best medicine
I moved to Seattle in July 2015 and adored it!
I have an absolutely amazing husband! Zak keeps me sane and reminds me who I truly am.
In February 2017, my husband and I moved back to Wisconsin.

I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone!

Sara :)

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