Monday, February 17, 2014

Spark People BLC

Hi all!

How are you all today? Sorry I've been absent again... Life's been kicking my butt lately both physically and mentally. I have a pulled muscle in my shoulder, I'll be having my wisdom teeth surgically removed next Thursday (the 27th), I've just been hurting all around physically. Mentally things have just been rough, feeling down about myself, which leads to emotional eating, which leads to weight gain. It's a cycle, that's for sure. But I refuse to let my emotions control me. On a positive note, I got a second job! It's just a crew member at a local fast food restaurant and it's only part-time. So I'll be working about 29 hours a week, the extra cash will be nice. I've got to pay off some bills and save money for school and my wedding. :)

Did I tell you all that I'm getting married?!? My wonderful man proposed to me and we're planning on getting married in spring of 2015. I do not want to be a plus size bride, not to mention that I want to look better in my wedding pictures. I want to be able to look at those pictures and not shudder. I want to be able to show my children the pictures some day and not be embarrassed with how I look.

To assist me in not being a plus size bride, I am starting a biggest loser challenge today through Spark People. This is the purpose of this blog, outlining my goals for this challenge. So, here are my goals for this 10 week challenge:

1)  Lose at least 10 pounds - lose 1 lb/week
2) Work out at least 4 days/week
     - Cardio at least 20 minutes, 4 days/week
     - Strength at least 3 days/week
3) Eat within my calorie range at least 5 days/week
4) Stay positive no matter what
5) No late night snacking
6) Don't beat myself up emotionally
7) Be honest with myself

Well there you have it. I'm going to try and blog more often than I have been and really get back on track. I can't wait to update you all on my progress in this challenge! Have a wonderful day! So until next time!


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  1. Life has a way of doing that sometimes doesn't it!

    Congratulations! That's fantastic news!

    I think a goal of an average of 1lb per week is an excellent and achieveable one.