Friday, May 8, 2015


Hi, all!

Happy Friday! How are you all doing today? We've finally reached the weekend, how have all of your weeks gone? Mine has gone fairly well, but I'll talk more about that either Sunday or Monday. What are your plans for the weekend? I'll probably be getting coffee with my best friend in the morning, one more time before she heads home. Then my mom and I will be heading out to get some groceries for the next 2 weeks and then church in the evening.

Tonight I get to watch a friend, whom I've known for 17 years, get married to her best friend. I'm so excited for her and cannot wait to celebrate with her! Tonight I'll be eating some pie at the wedding (they're not having cake) and I'm going to enjoy it.

Last night I didn't have a good night nutritionally, I ate way more than I needed. I had a migraine last night and I think that coincided with my overeating a little bit. This morning I paid for it though, my stomach felt off. It's amazing how my stomach isn't used to eating as much anymore, especially so quickly. Today I'll get back on track though because I won't allow myself to move backward again. Everyone has a day every now and then where they are off, but then they have to get back on track again.

Sorry to cut this short but there are a variety of things I have to do before the wedding tonight. I need to wrap the gift, sign the card, paint my nails and a few other things to get ready. Plus, I need to have lunch quickly before I do all of that. I hope that you all have an amazing day. Until next time!


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