Friday, May 15, 2015

Nutrition is Key

Hi, all!

Happy Friday! The weekend is upon us already, can you believe it? This week has simply flown by for me. Have you achieved your goals? Do you have any interesting plans for the weekend? My weekend is probably going to be quite boring, I have nothing fun planned.

Before I talk about anything else, I need to write about something extremely important. This morning, while on Facebook, a woman that I "like" posted something that talked about how important nutrition is. Working out is great and I definitely recommend it, but weight loss begins and ends with nutrition. Just a few minutes in the kitchen can erase your entire workout. That's why they say 'abs are made in the kitchen', if your nutrition isn't on key, then you're ruining your workout.
Before I started eating healthier, I didn't even realize how much I was eating. One thing that happened a lot is that I would snack while I was cooking. When I was waiting for something to cook on the stove or in the oven, I would get out some chips or something like that and just snack on them until my food was ready. And, of course, I would eat far too much of my actual meal as well. This is something that I've become aware of and now I watch myself. It's amazing how quickly our snacks add up, that's why I try and track everything that I put in my mouth now. Even a handful of something can add the calories up quickly.

Yesterday I had another good day and it seemed like I was eating so much. That's what happens when you eat lower calorie foods throughout the day. Today is on track to be exactly like that again, I've already logged my breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner, and I'm only at 1200 calories. I'll have to add something else to my dinner, to help get closer to my goal. Yesterday I also got in a 30-minute walk. I'm loving the fact that I am back to walking at least 5 days each week. I have more energy throughout the day, I feel better about myself, I sleep better at night, and countless other benefits.

Well, I'm off. I hope that you all have an amazing afternoon and evening. Until next time!


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