Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Weekly Fitness Goals

Hi all!

How are you on this Wednesday? Personally, I can't really complain. Staying busy with my homework, I'm focusing on my final paper and presentation today. Things will calm down a bit after this week and won't really get crazy again until about a month from now. I love taking my classes the way they are now but it really stinks that the final of one class and week one of the next class fall into the same week.

I am absolutely adoring the fact that I'm back into a healthier nutrition and fitness routine. When I started out, my walking was really light, not wanting to hurt my back while it's still healing. Now, my back is still healing, but I am trying to be more efficient with my workouts. I was logging a bunch of fitness minutes (900+ in 2 weeks), which is great, but my calorie burn was quite low for that many minutes. My legs were getting extremely fatigued because of the amount of minutes I was logging. So now, I am trying to have a higher calorie burn in fewer minutes. Currently, my goal is to burn 300 calories/workout and around 45 minutes a day (225 minutes/week). Sticking with that goal and my nutritional goals will help me lose 1 lb a week.

Time to get back to my final. I hope you all have a wonderful day and evening. Until next time!


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