Monday, September 22, 2014


Hi all!

How are you all doing on this lovely day? It is a new week, what are you going to do to make it a wonderful one? I had a fairly good weekend, it was very busy but productive. Plus, I had my weigh-in yesterday. I experienced some stress yesterday because of a disagreement with someone but thankfully I did not let it get me down. I am proud of myself, Sunday's are my "cheat" day and I stay right around my calorie range.

My weigh-in yesterday was amazing, I had great results on the scale this week. It is no wonder why, with my increase in exercise minutes and burning at least 500 more calories than my goal called for. These kind of results will not be weekly but it was a nice little jump start. This has helped me to get into an exercise routine again, so I cannot be sad about it. Also, it was a smart call for me to rest my legs this weekend, they are feeling fresh and ready to take on the new week.

Starting Weight: 315 lbs
Last Weight: 291.6 lbs
Current Weight: 287.6 lbs (-4) 
Weight Lost: 27.4 lbs

I have a busy week ahead, a lot of homework to get done. Thankfully, I got a great deal of it done yesterday. Another positive thing, one of my assignments is on a topic that I wrote a final paper on earlier this year, so I already had a great deal of information that I need. My final, journal, discussion responses and another paper still need to be completed but I have a great start since it is only Monday. 

I have spent enough time away from my homework this afternoon though, so it is time to get back to it. I hope that you all have a wonderful day/evening. Until next time!


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