Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi all!

How are you all doing today? It's been a rough day again. :( My shoulder is killing me and it's hard to do anything. I'm really hoping that it won't take 6 weeks to heal and it'll be closer to 4 or less. Not to mention that it's driving me crazy that I'm not able to do any upper body strength training.

I've been doing pretty good with my fitness and nutrition this week, so that's encouraging. So far this week I've got 111 fitness minutes and I've been right around my calorie goal each day. The only downfall is that I've been really emotional this week. Thankfully I haven't been over eating because of it, but it's still not a good thing. I'm trying to learn new coping skills for when I'm emotional besides eating.

But I need to cut this short, I need to go through the pictures I took earlier and figure out which one's to submit for my class. I hope you all have a wonderful evening. So until next time!


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