Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey all!

Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing today? It's another cold day here in WI, -35 with windchill but thankfully it's suppose to warm a bit, starting tomorrow and suppose to be in the mid-30's by Friday. :) Oh and I have to say Happy Birthday to my nephew! He's turning 6 today, I cannot believe that one!

I didn't have a very good day nutritionally yesterday. The day was going quite well until dinner time and beyond. I ate a healthy, breakfast, lunch and a small afternoon snack, I was right on track with my calories and had about 900 or so left for dinner and the rest of the evening. Well, I ate a little more than I should have at dinner, which would have been okay, if I would have stopped there. But of course, I continued eating throughout the evening. I had ice cream for dessert, then popcorn later and cheese and crackers after that. Ugh... I'm disappointed in myself but it could have been a lot worse, I suppose. Today is a new day though and I'll try to make better choices today.

Okay, so I know that I usually try to keep things lighter here but I ran across something this morning and felt the need to write about it, so here we go. Addiction. You may be wondering, how did this topic come about? Well I was on FB this morning and there was a photo shopped picture of Cory Monteith and Lea Michele, it's been going around ever since his death in July. If you all don't know who these people are, they were/are on Glee. Cory died of a drug overdose, he was an addict and people didn't realize how bad it had gotten again.

Some of the comments on this picture, really got me thinking. A few of these comments were quite rude, especially to Cory, in terms of his death which they correlated to his life in general. He was not a bad person just because he got caught up in drugs and eventually lost his fight against them. We all have struggles and can be addicted to almost anything. Sure, a drug addiction may be worse than others because it can easy take your life but an addiction is an addiction and having one doesn't make you a bad person.
Some addictions that I can think of off the top of my head are:
Drug, alcohol, pornography, food, coffee, TV, money, shopping, prescription pills, cigarettes, weight loss.

I'll admit something, I still struggle with food addiction. How do you think I ate my way to 315 pounds before? Every day is a struggle, both internally and externally. Who's going to win at every specific meal? Will it be my food addiction or my will power? I'm just going to be blunt, it sucks. How often does a person want a healthy meal over a comfort food? Not very often, let me tell you. People don't realize that a food addiction can be deadly, but it's a slow death. If you have a food addiction, you can eat yourself to a very high weight and many people die of complications (high blood pressure, heart failure, blood clots, ect...). All I can do is keeping fighting every day and some day I will overcome my addiction.

Just remember, even if an addiction cannot kill you, does not mean that it's any harder than an addiction that can kill. Addictions can break-up families (of any kind), friendships, careers and just life in general. If you are suffering from an addiction don't be afraid to ask for help, whether it be a friend or family member or professional help. It does not show weakness, it shows strength. Don't ever give up the fight!

This post was quite serious, but necessary, I believe. Now it's time to watch a movie marathon with my mother. :) Have a wonderful day everyone. So until next time!


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