Tuesday, May 21, 2013

HASfit (Day 607)

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing on this beautiful day? I feel so behind today... I've been sleeping horribly lately because it's been so hot at night. Plus my dad closes at work tonight so he didn't leave until about noon. Both of these things together really screwed up my schedule... sadly my dad closes two more nights this week so it will probably be similar Thursday and Friday as well.

So I have officially decided what my workout routine will be for a little while and I'm really excited about it! Monday/Wednesday/Friday I am doing walking/jogging intervals hopefully leading up to jogging a 5K. And then Tuesday/Thursday I am doing these awesome workout videos from HASfit, have you guys ever checked them out?? HASfit is absolutely amazing, they offer free workout videos, have a few workout programs to follow (I'm following a 30 day one), plus Coach K is freaking amazing! He is so dang motivating I can't even stand it. In fact today while I was doing my second video, I was ready to quit about half way through. And of course, right when I was thinking that, he said don't quit. The best part -- the videos are typically from 10-30 minutes in length, but they definitely kick your butt. Check them out if you haven't already!

It has been a long day already and I'm exhausted... probably because I didn't sleep well last night. But it's time to go lay down and work on some homework. I hope that you all have an amazing night! So until next time.


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