Monday, May 20, 2013

Perspective (Day 606)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How are you all doing today? It is a warm day here and we are more than likely going to get storms today and almost every day this week. Eh... But at least the sun is shining right now.

I have so much on my mind today, mostly about weight loss journeys and motivation. While I was doing some interval training this morning (see the picture... it was a great workout!) I was thinking about how people focus on how far they still have to go instead of how far they have come. So many people just look at their ultimate goal compared to where they currently are and it can seem daunting. Believe me, when I started in September of 2011 it was quite daunting to think about how far I had to go. I try to not look at how far I still have to go, but how far I have come already.

I mean come on, I am jogging and I don't hate it! I'm currently in a size 20 (down from a tight 24), inching closer and closer to an 18, I haven't been in a size 18 since high school - 5 years ago. I've lost 43.6 pounds, that is about an elephant's heart or a little more than 2 car tires! Yeah, I still need to lose 111 pounds but before I needed to lose 155 pounds. I have more energy on a daily basis. I don't break out into a sweat from  walking a few steps. I am so much more confident now. I don't feel like people see me as this overweight woman anymore... I have so many other things to offer people. I am eating lower carb most days -- me, the carb queen, who would eat a butt load of carbs at every meal before. And most importantly, I am achieving my goals.

Another thing I was thinking about came around from a blog post I read on MyFitnessPal -- you may or may not know that I'm on that site. If we're not friends on there and you want to be look me up... sbengsch
Anywho... I have this awesome friend on there who started his journey at 450+ pounds only 33 weeks ago. Today he weighs 319, which is a loss of 131 pounds so far. This dude is awesome, he is so motivating. He posts a blog every Monday about his past week and today he said that he jogged for the first time! Eek, I was so freaking excited for him when I read that! I know exactly how he feels, I jogged for the first time last week. But thinking about it, 319 pounds, that was 4 pounds higher than my starting weight. At that point, I didn't even dream about running. When I weighed 315 pounds, I avoided running/jogging/other forms of exercise unless I was at home by myself. You know why? Because I would sweat like crazy with very little movement, just walking from room to room in my house would do it. And don't even get me started on climbing the stairs.

I guess the point is, we can do anything that we set our minds to. Setting goals has been something that is very beneficial to me. What goals do you all have set for yourself? But I suppose, this post is long enough already and I have homework to get to. Have a wonderful day! So until next time!


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  1. Way to go. I've went down 4 jean sizes if not 5 and have lost about 40 lbs or more since 2011 at cmas. I can tell the difference in pics from then to now. and I get so many compliments. It feels great. I could do more tho.