Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Conversation with Myself (Day 608)

Hi all!

Happy Wednesday! Wow, half way through the week already! How is everyone doing today? It's raining here today, which is welcomed because it cools things down. Let me tell you how amazing it has felt today... around 60 degrees, I'm loving it! :) 

Today has been such a wonderful day so far... I started my day out with a walking/jogging interval and I'm really loving it. Then I had a dentist appointment and I found out that I will need to have my wisdom teeth out  by next summer if not before... that is not such good news. But then I got to have lunch with one of my good friends from my first round of college. It was so good to see her and chat for a little while.

Last night I saw something on Twitter that really got me thinking. Here is the question that was posed... "If you could give your 18-year old self advise, what would it be?" Here is what I said,  "You are a beautiful, smart, and incredibly strong person and don't let anyone tell you otherwise." But that got me thinking even more, what would I tell myself at 13? For me 13 was my freshman year in high school and I was struggling a lot at that time. At 13 I was very overweight... I don't know my exact weight but it was between 200 and 250 pounds, and searching to find myself. If I could go and tell myself a few things, I definitely would have some things to say!

- Stop hating yourself
- You are strong, smart, and beautiful
- Start eating right and exercising
- Stop focusing on boys so much... you'll find the right guy some day
- Take as many psychology classes as possible
- Never have that big fight with your best friend... make sure you spend as much time with her as possible
- Take every opportunity to travel as possible
- Never give up

What would you all say to yourselves at 18? What about in high school?

Time to go and work on some homework as I have a discussion due tonight. Plus I should really get a head start on my paper and my other discussion. Have a wonderful day everyone! So until next time.


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