Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crazy News (Day 567)

Hi all!

Happy Thursday! How is everyone doing today? Sorry this post is coming so late, but it's been a busy day. I'm feeling so guilty about being such a bad blogger, I've barely been posting lately and not commenting on as many blogs. It's been crazy though, I just feel like when I'm here I cannot post as much because I shouldn't be on my computer as much while I'm here.

This afternoon I officially feel like I'm ready to go home. Currently, I feel like I'm not as wanted here as I was before. But I can't go home until Ashley and John buy my plane ticket home. I don't really know anymore... it's been tough while being here. Seeing them together is really hard for me, especially at night. We've sat around and watched Disney movies in the afternoon/evening (yes, we're 90's kids) and it's hard sitting there alone while Ashley and John and sitting like a couple would. I think the hardest part for me is that Abid and I want to be together more than anything else and we want to do those types of things together. *Sigh* We'll be together soon enough, but it's hard to see other couples together doing the things that Abid and I want to do.

Oh and I have a ton of news! My mom called me yesterday and told me so many things. I leave for a few weeks and craziness happens.
1. We have a "For Sale" sign in front of our house!?!
This is craziest for me, I cannot believe that my parents are trying to sell the house. Someone is coming by later this week to see it. I've lived in this house since I was 7 (almost 8), I have so many memories here. But oh well, I should be moving sometime next year. So it is what it is. 
2. Our dog has a new owner now.
My mom has been wanting to get rid of our dog for a long time (my brother wanted her when we were little), our dog is getting older and we just don't have the time and patience to really take care of her the way that she needs to. The other day my grandfather took her to the vet and someone wanted her, so my parents let them take her. So when I get home, I won't have a dog anymore.
3. My mom is not retiring (she was toying with the idea)
On Monday my mom decided to stay at work for probably 5 more years. This year has been tough for her at work, she's not enjoying it anymore (she's a teacher). And her school district was offering some teacher's early retirement but she decided against it. Thank God because I think it would be crazy for my mom to not be working. 
4. My grandfather broke his hip and is now in the hospital
This is rather sad for me, my grandfather is getting older (in his mid-70s) and his health has been gradually going down hill for the past years. He'll be staying in an Assisted Living facility while rehabbing his hip. As much as it will drive him crazy, it will be good for him. My grandfather is a very stubborn man and thinks that he can still do anything and everything he sets his mind to. So it will be good that he has people taking care of him, other than my grandmother. 

So like I said, I have had crazy news this week. It's just been crazy in general. My eating has been off key and I have no idea where my weight is at. I'm excited to step on the scale when I get home. But it's about dinner time, so I need to head out. So until  next time.



  1. Wow, it definitely sounds like you're having a crazy week! I can't imagine having to process all of that information AND be away at the same time that you receive the news. I hope that your grandfather recovers quickly!

  2. Wow! What a week! Crazy how things can change so quickly! I'm sorry you are feeling like a third wheel. I can't imagine being in a long distance relationship for so long. I was only away from my husband (then boyfriend) for six weeks and I thought I was going to lose it! I can't wait for you and Abid to be together!

  3. wow those are a lot of big changes to deal with! I remember when my mom sold the house I lived my entire life in, it is a very hard process to say goodbye to something like that, even though I felt silly it was still weird and even though she lives somewhere different now I don't really feel like it is my "home" anymore. Keep your chip up, you and Abid will have your happily ever after soon :)

  4. Wow, Sara! So much going on!! Sending you tons of positive energy and hope you get to go home, soon!