Thursday, April 18, 2013

Changes Ahead (Day 574)

Hi all!

Happy Thursday! How are you all doing today? Yet again, it's been a week since I've last blogged, I hate being "that" blogger". I'm trying to do better but it's difficult while I'm still in Texas. Hopefully today will be the start of blogging on a more consistent basis.

I have been making some changes to my blog and there are a few more to come. The name of my blog has changed from "A Year of Transformation" to "Yearning for More: My journey to becoming the healthy, happy, and successful me". Plus I won a new layout design from a giveaway done by Summer (she blogs at Oh Summer Candy) but the actual blog design was done by Kotryna (she blogs at Girl With a Movie Camera). I cannot wait for my new design, you'll all see it in a few days. :) Let me tell you about the other things I won in the giveaway. First is a large ad space from Erica at Being Erica for 60 days and a Queen Bee ad space from Autumn at Gypsybeee for 30 days. I am super excited for all these changes that are in the process of happening.

As I stated before, I've changed the name of my blog and I want to explain why and what my new name means to me. Mostly, I decided to change my name because this journey is not "a year of transformation", heck, in September it will mark 2 years on my weight loss journey. My new name means so many things to me, I struggled trying to figure out what name I should pick. So many things flooded my mind but each one just didn't describe what I was trying to say. That is until "Yearning for More" came to my mind. I am yearning for more out of my life and I'm on a journey to become healthy, happy and successful in all aspects of my life. I cannot wait to see this change in action.

After a few days of not really being able to talk to Abid, he and I were actually able to have a decent conversation today. It was really nice, to say the least, I've missed him a ton. Plus I was able to see him, that always makes my day better. I was able to talk to his pastor today as well, it was nice hearing things from him as well. They are all excited for me to come and visit there someday, hopefully in the near future. He was telling me how often Abid talks about me and how much he loves me. Even though I already know these things, it's nice to hear from people around him as well.

Well my first class at CCU is almost completed! I cannot believe that it has almost been 10 weeks already. We're currently on week 9 and all I've really got between me and an A are 3 papers (I should be fine with all of them) and 2 discussion posts. As long as I don't bomb those 3 papers, which I won't, papers are my speciality, I will get an A. Currently I have a 97.6%, so I'm not worried. :) I'm really excited about starting my new classes though. My current classmates (well one more like it) have really gotten on my nerves, not to mention that my class has 4 students, including me. That makes our discussion's quite difficult, but oh well. I've learned a lot during this session.

This post is long enough already, plus we'll probably be heading out sometime soon after John gets home from work in a few. So be looking for my new design over the next few days and I'll try to be blogging more.   Have a wonderful day everyone! So until next time!


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