Monday, April 8, 2013

Recap of Colorado Springs (Day 564)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing today? It's the start of a new week, how are you going to make this week great? It has been a crazy busy and amazing weekend. As you probably know, I was in Colorado Springs from Friday until Sunday. I'll get to that in a bit though. It was a long day yesterday and an interesting one to say the least. Last night I found out that I'll be staying in Texas all of this week and probably most of next week as well (have to wait until John gets paid since he's paying for my return plane ticket). It'll be good though, Ashley does need me to help her. Also, last night I could not fall asleep for the life of me (this post actually began last night when I couldn't sleep). I just have so much on my mind, but I'll get to this later too. But of course, I fall asleep after 1 am and of course I'm up by a little after 7.... what else is new?

I wanted to do a recap of my weekend in Colorado Springs, it was amazing to say the least. And I got some feedback on my vlog and I found out that the sound cut out in the middle... I'm sorry about that! But as you could see, the view was absolutely amazing. Anywho... I already went over Friday a little in my vlog but I don't know what part the sound was crazy, so I'll do a recap of that as well. Friday we got up early and drove to Colorado Springs, I had a meeting with an enrollment counselor at my college about the Master's program (it was amazing, I'll hopefully be able to start my Master's in fall of 2014), we checked out Garden of the Gods, checked into our hotel (actually a resort), went to the mall to buy a few things, got my very first manicure, and then just relaxed the rest of the night.

Saturday was crazy busy. We started out the morning by having an early breakfast the the resorts restaurant (absolutely amazing food and a fancier place... I was in love :) ). Then we had about 30 minutes to relax and then Ashley and I headed out for her hair appointment. As soon as we got back from that we both had to get dressed. So I helped Ashley get her dress on and while she did her makeup I got dressed and got ready. We headed over to the Garden of the Gods and met up with John and the judge who performed the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet, then we went back to the resort and took a few pictures with Ashley and John's phone. We just went and relaxed for a few hours and then went out to lunch, relaxed for a few more hours (went swimming and sat in the whirlpool for a bit) and then went out to dinner. Let me tell you, dinner was amazing, we went out to this rather expensive place. I felt horrible having John pay that much for my dinner, but he insisted. So I had a $13 glass of wine and a $36 filet mignon. The food was absolutely amazing, no doubt and it was worth the money, but I still felt bad having John spend that much money on me. Then I just went to bed, it had been a long day.

Then brings Sunday, I went down for breakfast a little after 7, Ashley and John met me down there at about 7:30. After we were done, I went upstairs, started packing and finally was able to have a decent Skype conversation with Abid. We decided to leave earlier than originally planned because John wanted to go and visit Pikes Peak. So at about 10:30ish we headed up to Pikes Peak and that's where my day went downhill. As soon as we got up higher, I started getting light headed and got a major Fibromyalgia flare-up (which lasted almost the rest of the day). The drive up was beautiful though, such amazing sights but I wasn't able to enjoy it on the way back down because I was hurting so much. When we got down we went out for lunch (my blood sugar was getting pretty low) and after that we just hit the road and headed back to Texas.

Oh and I weighed myself in the resorts woman's locker room on Saturday after and I was quite hopeful. My weight was higher than before but it was not long after I ate and I had clothing on. So I'm probably quite close to where I was when I came to Texas.

My mind has just been filled lately with so many things. Being here in Texas with Ashley and John has really made me miss Abid and making me feel like I'm the third wheel (best feeling in the world.... not). I talked to Ashley about it last night and she feels bad that I feel like that but I can't help it. It wouldn't be so bad if Abid was here too but alas he is not :(. It's been tough, especially lately, after visiting Colorado Springs. We'll be together soon enough  and we'll be living there, but it's still difficult. Along with dealing with the waiting on the petition, Abid and I are both stressing and worried about that. Plus so many other things...

But this post is long enough already and I need to finish my discussion for this week and finish my rough draft of my paper. I hope you're all having a wonderful day! So until next time.


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  1. I'm glad you've been having such a great visit! We all need some time away sometimes.