Thursday, April 25, 2013

Carb Cycling and 30DS... oh and a little Glee (Day 581)

Hi all!

Happy Thursday! Can you believe it's Thursday already? The weekend is almost here. How are you all doing today?

I finally get to go home less than 3 days!?! Eek! I'm pretty excited about it, if you couldn't tell. I've been away from home for too long and I'm really ready to sleep in my own bed. Not to mention being able to get back into my own routine again. I can't wait to get back to carb cycling and working out at least 5 days per week. Honestly, I miss doing those things. I'm not able to count calories/carbs/protein/fats while here because I don't have control over the food choices. They always want to snack at night, which is fine, but they always want to have ice cream/gelato, brownies, chips, etc... Those types of foods are just not the type that I would typically eat. Plus I don't have the ability to just go and workout whenever I want to, it will be nice to be able to do that again. But I am pretty excited to finally weigh-in, it'll be on Monday, so a day late but I want to see where I'm at. I think that I'll be pretty on track, I haven't overdone it while being here. Not to mention that that my clothes are fitting better and better each day, even after they've been washed. So that's a great sign in my book.

Once I finally do get home I have decided that I am going to start the 30DS again along with some walking. I saw great results last time I did the 30DS, even though I wasn't able to complete it. I'm really excited for it and that makes me can't wait to get home even more. :)

So the past few days my friend and I have been watching Glee on netflix... we've finished season 1 and now onto season 2. I'm pretty much in love with this show, but I cannot wait until episode 6 because that's when Darren comes on. We're almost there, we'll reach it today. :) It's sort of funny, when Glee first came out I never watched it... hence me only being on season 2. But my best friend had me watch an episode with her while I was living in Iowa and I fell in love with the show. I cannot wait until I'm caught up with it and for season 5 to start. :)

Time to go and watch some Glee and work on my paper. :) Have a wonderful day everyone! So until next time.


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