Saturday, April 27, 2013

Happy Saturday! (Day 583)

Hi all!

Happy Saturday! How are you all? It's finally the weekend, any big plans? My only plan is to fly home tomorrow and I cannot wait! :) It will be nice to be at home again, sleeping in my own bed and getting back into a routine. I've enjoyed my time here in Texas but it's definitely time to go home. Oh and since I didn't post yesterday, I want to give a little happy birthday shout out to my niece Karley. It was her 11th birthday yesterday, I cannot believe she is 11 already. My family met her when she was 5, it's crazy how fast the years have flown by. But either way... happy belated birthday, Karley, aunt Sara loves you!

Well all, it is official. I am done with my first class at CCU! This morning I finished my reflection paper and submitted it and another paper that is due. These past 10 weeks have flown by, but I cannot wait to start my next two classes. The one will be a challenge, but I live for challenges. :) And of course I have already started my homework for my new classes... mostly just the "Getting to Know You" discussion post and responding to my classmates because the other things I need to have my books. They should be waiting for me when I get home tomorrow, so I will probably work more tomorrow since I have a reading assignment due on Monday already. This is what I yearn for... I could totally be a forever student and be okay with it (as long as I didn't have to spend how much money on everything) :).

This afternoon is really dragging on, Ashley is listening to music, John is playing a video game and here I am. So I writing this post, slowly working on my discussions and listening to music. I hope that this afternoon starts going faster... I should have known this would happen though. I'm going home tomorrow and I'm really excited for it, so of course the day before is going by slowly. But I don't want to have the post dragging on... I'll hopefully post after I get home tomorrow. Have a wonderful afternoon! So until next time.


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