Friday, March 8, 2013

Self-Image (Day 533)

Hi all!

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing on this lovely day? It's a little chilly here, but we have a high of 37 today, so I'm not complaining. :) Today I am feeling really wonderful, refreshed, motivated, happy. Not really sure why, but I am. And I thought, I haven't shared a picture with you all in awhile. Don't mind the lazy clothing and no make-up, because it is a very lazy day today. These pants that I have on are my size 24's that I'm saving for my comparison picture in the future. The legs are freakishly huge on me, but it's a lazy day, so it's okay. :)

Yesterday, not long after I posted my blog, I got a phone call from Abid. :) Oh, you have no idea how happy that made me. His job has kept him very busy over the past week. It saddens me, the conditions that he has to work in. When he got the job his hours were suppose to be 11 am until 8 pm, that's not so horrible. But he hasn't been getting home from work until much later than that. Yesterday he called me at 2:40 am, his time and he didn't get home from work until about 1:40 am. And it's not that he lives that far from where he works, it is that he is working more hours than he was suppose to, every single day. I can hear the exhaustion in his voice and it brings me to tears. He is working so hard and earning so little, but that is what he is doing for our future together. Oh, I love that man so very much. But on a happier note, my mother will be printing out the finished paperwork for Abid's petition. All I need to do is sign it and get the money together and then send it in. The process will be starting very soon. :)

Today is another low carb day, thank God. Those high carb days are a lot of work. I still need to work on that protein, but after talking to my mom, we're buying some protein powder tomorrow. So my protein numbers will be much higher next week, but my other numbers were pretty good yesterday. I even stayed within my calorie range! :) I'm really starting to get use to this carb cycling thing, and I'm loving it! I feel sort of funny saying this after NSV Thursday yesterday, but I'm really excited for my weigh-in on Sunday. Here is a recap of my day yesterday:


This morning I received this awesome email from SparkPeople, included in the email was this awesome article. The article was about how to boost your body image, here's the link: It was an article that I first read back in June of last year but it was wonderful to read again. This is one of those articles that I save and look back on from time to time. It is all about self-love and accepting yourself no matter what size you are. And I want to share the tips from the article on how to boost your body image every day:

1. Find one thing to compliment yourself on every day.
2. Wear clothing that fits well and makes you feel great.
3. Exercise
4. Nourish your body with foods that will keep it functioning well.
5. Thank your body with some pampering.
6. Every time you receive a compliment, write it down in a journal.
7. Don't join in the complaint brigade
8. Stop negative self-talk immediately.

And here are some tips to boost your body image over time:

1. Experiment with mind-body exercises.
2. Ask your friends and loved ones what they enjoy most about you.
3. Explore and appreciate your personal strengths.
4. Take stock and marvel at what your body is capable of doing, not matter what size it is.
5. Who do you look up to, admire, or seek as role models?
6. Become media savvy.
7. Consider throwing the scale away. 

These are tips that I try to remember each day, especially since I still have a ton of weight to lose. But self-image is important at any weight. We need to love ourselves now, it is so insanely important. I know women who are at a healthy weight who have a horrible self-image of themselves. So just remember, being at a specific weight will not make you love yourself.

I am so very excited for this weekend, my best friend is coming home for a visit! And then she'll be back home again for Easter! :) I miss her a ton, even though I saw her about a month ago and I talk to her at least once per week. But I miss her nevertheless. So I'm excited to have a coffee date with her tomorrow morning and really catch up! :)

But I have some discussion posts to respond to and a paper to finish. Not to mention a ton of blogs to catch up on. So until next time!



  1. Love the pics, you look great!! I hate that Amid is working those long hours for little pay. I hope that the petition process goes smoothly!! :)

  2. Love the link!! Thanks for posting it :) I stuggle with my body image on a daily basis.. I think I may print this out and tape it on my closet door.


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    Wish you a nice weekend!

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  4. Sorry to hear about all the problems your man is having... It's hard enough to be away from your love, but even worse when they're having troubles! Hopefully it all gets sorted out :)

    Thank you for the link! I read a good one yesterday written by plus-size fashionista GabiFresh yesterday... It's really great to promote healthy body image, regardless of the body size!! I'll link it if you'd like to see..

    Keep doing you, girlfriend.

    <3 Hannah