Thursday, March 7, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Thursday (Day 532)

Hi all!

Happy Thursday! How's everyone doing today? Just one more day until the weekend, are you holding up? I had PT this morning and it was pretty tough, I'm hurting today. But I didn't let that stop me, I still got another mile (21.30 minutes) in besides what I did during PT. My mile time has gone up because of my injury but I still got up and did it. I was walking about 2.7 mph, which is okay, when my back/hip is better I hope to increase my speed to 3 mph and decrease my mile time. I have amazing news, last night I was having cravings for 2 different foods and I did NOT give in! Ah! So dang proud of myself for that!

Yesterday I made some great progress on my paper, I didn't quite finish it but I'm well over half done with it. Hopefully today I'll be able to finish the rough draft and then I can start proof reading it and making any necessary changes. My classmates are still driving me crazy though. Our initial post is due on Tuesday, not on Wednesday or Thursday or any other day. Seriously people, if you don't have time to get these things done, then why are you taking classes? Ugh! But on a happy note, I do have a 100% in the class. :)

I'm feeling sort of down today. Today marks one month since I've seen Abid on Skype and it's been 6 days since I've even heard from him. :( It's been really tough and I miss him way too much! But we'll get through, I just hope that I hear from him soon.

Today is a high carb day. Honestly, I don't like high carb days, it's crazy hard to eat so many carbs and protein but so little fat. I'm trying though. I've planned my day out and my carbs and fat are on key but my protein is way too low. Hopefully this weekend I'll buy some protein powder that I can use on my high and low carb days, because my protein definitely needs to increase. Here's a recap of my numbers from yesterday:

As my title suggests it's NSV Thursday, I love these days! :) It's so much fun to share all of our NSV's because I know that I've been focusing on the scale way too much lately.

1. Carb cycling is going well so far 
2. I'm sticking with my PT exercises
3. I am fitting in to 2 of my size 20 pants :) 
4. I've walked 3 times so far this week 
5. My water intake has been spot on
6. I did not give into my cravings last night


What are your NSV's from this week? I know we all have some, so I look forward to reading all about yours! Time to go and finish up my paper and watch some baseball (thanks to the MLB network :) ) So until next time.



  1. Yeah for fitting into smaller pants! What an awesome victory!

    Visiting and new follower from the NSV Link Up!

    From Chunky to Funky

  2. Hey girl I am visiting from the link-up! You have been doing awesome!! fitting into smaller pants! Whoop Whoop. Not giving into temptaion is hard, but it feels so good when you do it!! Good job!!

  3. Sara, I'm so proud of you for not giving in to those cravings!! It's SO hard to do, too when that nighttime hits for me so I know how much of an obstacle you beat - great job! My heart hurts when I read that you haven't been able to hear from Abid in so long :( I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hope that you will soon! Have a great week!

  4. Hi I just found your blog! I love your #6 NSV, cravings can be my biggest downfall! This week one of my co-workers brought in FOUR homemade cakes! I got annoyed at first but then I took it as a challenge and was so proud when I didn't give in at all :)
    ahh the little things

  5. Awesome job, as always! You are doing such an amazing job! I love reading about your progress!