Friday, March 1, 2013

Sabotage and March goals (Day 526)

Hi all!

Happy Friday! How is everyone doing today? It's officially March 1st, and how does the weather like to welcome it? Well it decided to snow here for a few minutes! Seriously?!? Wisconsin obviously has not gotten the memo that it's March now. So the snow is definitely not appreciated. But other than that, it's a beautiful day, mid 20's and the sun is shining a little.

But today I want to talk about something serious that I was thinking about last night and this morning. Sabotage. *dun dun dun* I'm going to talk about it in all of it's forms. First, what exactly is sabotage? According to sabotage is any underhanded interference with production, work, etc... So in this case it is anything or anyone that interferes with your weight loss/fitness goals. I have come up with my top three forms of sabotage.
1. Self-sabotage
2. Sabotage from significant other/family
3. Sabotage from friends 

First I'll talk about self-sabotage, and I think this one is the most prevalent (at least in my life). I see this one in my life all the time (no matter how much I may deny it). For me I think that sometimes I wish I could stay the way that I am because then I have an excuse on why I don't get a certain job, why someone doesn't like me, or just because being over weight is all that I know. Honestly, I don't know what it's like to be at a healthy weight. Or what it's like to be able to go into any store and try on clothes and know that they'll look good on me (That's never happened in my adult life). Staying over weight is staying within my comfort zone. It means I have an excuse for certain things. I guess that when I do reach a healthy weight, I still won't be perfect ( okay okay, I know that I'll never be perfect but I am a perfectionist, so I still strive for it). I'll still have flaws, physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

One thing I'm really working on is loving myself now (I'm this big advocate of it, especially to my friends who think they need to do certain things to be beautiful). I guess I've gotta take my own advice, huh? Don't get me wrong, most days I do feel beautiful. But there are those certain days where the little voices in my head come around and tell me how I'm not beautiful because of this or that flaw. I'm definitely a work in progress and thankfully I have more good than bad days with this. 

Second is sabotage from our significant other or by family members. This happens way too often as well (my family is guilty of it). If it is from our significant other, sometimes they sabotage us unconsciously  They don't want us to change because more often then not, if you're changing this part of you're life then they might be next. I am very thankful that Abid does not fear that, because he is the most supportive man. :) Now when it comes to family, it can be hard. Of course they want the best for you but some times they are jealous, especially if it's people of the same sex. Or other times it's just because they don't want you to change, they are use to the way you are. (Personally, I think that if most of a family is over weight then they are afraid that things will change because the focus may not always be about food). 

Third is sabotage from our friends or sometimes "friends". Let's be honest here, our true friends will support us in becoming healthier. But we all have those "friends", they aren't loyal to us, they say bad things about us behind our back (or sometimes to our faces), and yet we still consider them a "friend". Those are the friends I'm talking about here. Many times in this case, the person is jealous, especially if you were always considered "the fat friend". 

And since it's March, it's time to come up with some monthly goals. Honestly, I love coming up with goals for myself. I may not reach all of my goals every month but at least I have something that I'm working towards. So here are my goals for March.

Nutritional Goals:
1. Follow my carb cycling guidelines
2. Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies every day
3. Limit my sweets (only Sunday when the family is over)
4. Drink at least 100 oz of water every day

Fitness Goals:
1. Walk at least 20 minutes at least 4 time per week
2. Start strength training (upper body at least for the time being)
3. Do all of my PT recommended exercises

Weight Loss Goals:
1. Lose 3 pounds
2. Lower my body fat % 

Other Goals:
1. Finish physical therapy for my back/hip
2. Get the petition for Abid's visa filed
3. Continue rocking my class
4. Order my bridesmaid dress
5. Plan more of my own wedding

Time to head out to dinner with my parents. Have a great night everyone! Until next time.


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  1. Very good insight on the sabotaging. I am definitely guilty of self sabotaging. I am trying to work on that this year.

    Love all of your goals!!