Saturday, March 2, 2013

I won a giveaway! (527)

Hi all!

How was every one's day? Sorry this post is coming so late, I've been crazy busy all day. Honestly, I haven't done the best with my nutrition today, but tomorrow is a new day. Plus I have a weigh-in tomorrow, we'll see how it goes.

Tomorrow I am starting carb cycling, it will be an adventure for sure. But today when I went shopping, I stocked up on lots of veggies and protein. We bought tons of leafy greens, cabbage, cucumbers, green beans, etc... And then ham, turkey, chicken, and other proteins. I'm planning on eating salads for my lunches mostly with a much of protein (except for my high carb days of course). Still need to plan out my breakfasts, maybe eggs (since those are lower carb) and other things like that. My mom was pretty smart too, she mentioned Atkins meals because they are low in carbs. I'm so thankful that my mom is being supportive in this venture that I'm taking, even planning our menu out in a way that our meals will be lower carb on my low carb days and higher on high carb days.

But speaking of my mother, sometimes I wish that she would think a little more before she speaks or acts. This morning was pretty tough for me, I cried a few times. There are just moments when I feel that I'm not what my mom expects me to be. Or that I'm not that important to her anymore (especially since she's gotten grandchildren, it seems as if she has forgotten about me). We use to spend a lot more time together just the two of us, but now it's all about spending time with my SIL and her kids. Believe me, I love those kids to death, but sometimes I just want to spend time with my mom. I'm hoping to tell her how I feel sometime soon but she's just so busy all the time. I'll get around to talking to her sometime though.

Oh but awesome news, I won a giveaway from one of the blogs I follow! Back on February 22nd I entered a giveaway on Good Girl Gone Wife's blog (check her out, she's awesome!) for a free copy of MyMemories Suite Digital Scrapbooking Software. I'm not really much of a scrapbooker but you can use this software to make photo books  invitations, labels, personalized stationary, plus a bunch of other things. ( This is what I won, check it out, it seems pretty awesome. I can't wait to get my free copy of it. I've entered plenty of giveaways before but I never thought I would win one, so I'm pretty psyched about it! It'll be awesome to use since I'm planning on making my own wedding invitations (it'll be a lot more cost effective).

It's getting late, and I've had a very long day. My back/hip is hurting a ton, so I think it's time to go lay down, and watch Despicable Me on TV (I know, I'm such an adult :) but I love this movie). Then head to bed. So until next time.


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  1. Hey Sara! I would definitely talk to your mom about how you are feeling. This is probably all new territory to her too in the larger scheme of things. And it's hard for someone to fix something they don't realize is broken. :) Keep your chin up... I miss my mom too! :)