Monday, March 25, 2013

Living out Your Dreams and Darren Criss :) (Day 550)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How is everyone doing today? It's a new week, time to start fresh and make great things happen! What are you going to do to make today great? I'm feeling really inspired today, yet frustrated and questioning things. Wondering how to accomplish the things that are inspiring me.

I want to talk about something I've been thinking about lately, but especially this morning. Currently, I just feel like my life hasn't actually started yet. I know that I was created for so much more than I am doing now. It seems like I'm still waiting for my real life to start. My dreams are so much higher than what I have now. I want to travel the world, help people, get married (working on that), have amazing experiences, and most importantly give God all the glory for everything I do. Right now I feel stuck in a rut, doing the same things from day to day. Not really accomplishing much, just getting by. I have this yearning to live in another country for a short time, be connected in a culture other than my own (that's hard to do when you have very little money, though). I've never really felt at home here, ever. God has placed all of these dreams in my heart and I want to live them out. But the question is, how? It frustrates me to the core, I want to be doing all the things I've dreamed of doing (and yes, one of those things is actually being with Abid). Part of me really just wants Abid and I to go to some random country and live for like 6 months or a year. Just experiencing life together and experiencing another culture. So if anyone would like to fund an experience like that, I would appreciate it. ;)

I had a great workout this morning/afternoon. 40 minutes of walking, it was more intense today because I was rocking out to my awesome Darren Criss Pandora station. Yes, Darren Criss really is my obsession right now. :) Either way, I got my workout in. I'm currently on week 4 of 5 of my 5K walking training program. By next week, I'll have walked my first 5K! Eek! :)

Oh and this is just another reason why I love Darren Criss so much. The video is a few years old, but he does Disney covers!?! This one is from Mulan (my absolutely favorite Disney movie), plus he's done songs from Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, and the Duck Tales theme song. Seriously, this man just needs to marry me right now. :) Oh but you have to check out his version of Part of Your World from the Little Mermaid, it's amazing! Not to mention that he writes his own music, he's just amazing in general. Enjoy the video below. :)

I'll be honest, listening to his music has really inspired me. I'm not expecting to become famous or meet famous people or anything like that. But I won't put anything past God, He can do great things. And hey, every person had to start somewhere, they put themselves out there and made something great of themselves. Who knows, someday I could become this really famous Marriage and Family Therapist, writing books and doing amazing things. All I know is that I'm inspired and I want to live out my dreams. My prayer is that God will use me in amazing ways in the near and distant future. 

I suppose, this post is long enough already. So until next time all.



  1. You were created for a purpose! And even in the everyday, "mundane" moments, you will find opportunities to be God's hands and feet---if you just watch for them. If you want a great book to help you find your purpose (your Kingdom purpose), check out SHAPE by Eric Rees. It's kind of a follow up to The Purpose Driven Life. In that we learn our (collective) purpose is to bring glory to God. In SHAPE, he helps you analyze your S.H.A.P.E (spiritual gifts, heart, abilities, passions, and experiences) to find your unique shape. My kingdom purpose (why I am here on earth) is to connect women. As I went through the SHAPE process, it was like a light bulb went on. It was what I was already doing. I just didn't recognize how those little things were part of the bigger picture.

    Sorry...didn't mean to be so long winded. But your post stirred me. :)

  2. Sometimes I feel that exact same way! Especially since I'm nearing my 28th birthday and I feel like I haven't really done anything in my life. I am not sure what I really expected 28 to be like but I'm pretty sure I thought I'd have something to show for myself by now. It is great that you have some specific goals and dreams, it gives you something to actually work for, that might be my problem, I want to do great things but I really have no idea what they are yet...

  3. You ARE destined for great things, Sara and you're just on your way now! Sometimes just having the dream is missed on some people - with such strong desires, you WILL do all of those things. It's just hard to have patience when you are ready NOW! Keep on listening to your heart :)