Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Exciting News (Day 551)

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing today? It's a sort of dreary/cloudy day here and there are slight flurries randomly. :( I wish it would be sunny, but at least it's in the 30's. Beggars can't be choosers. I have some awesome news, I'm heading to Texas on Thursday and then to Colorado on Friday night for my friends wedding! :) I'm in the process of figuring out what clothing I'm bringing along and then what dress to wear for the actual wedding. And of course I'll post pictures along the way.

Today I went for a walk outside! :) Ahh!!!! I realized that I walk fast outside than I do inside, 2.5 compared to 3.1 mph. But of course, it's sunny now, after I am done walking. Nevertheless, I walked 1.7 miles in 33 minutes. I didn't have an actual schedule for walking today and honestly, I like these types of days more. It's nice to just be able to walk a certain amount of time instead a certain amount of miles. When it's (finally) spring and summer I'll have to do more walking outside. I cannot wait for that to happen, it's nice to get outside and get the fresh air.

Not really sure what else to talk about today. I'm excited for my travels and that I got to walk outside again. And I'm crazy tired today, not sure why because I had my coffee. I think I'm going to go and relax some and then work on some homework a little later. So until next time.


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  1. OMG I read this and thought you said you walked 17 miles in 33 minutes, not 1.7! Great job regardless!