Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hi all!

Happy Sunday! How are you all doing today? It is a very snowy day, the Midwest is being attacked with a huge snow storm. Thankfully, my area is only getting 4-7" of snow and now the almost foot that many other areas are getting. The snow is sidelining my best friend from getting back here when she wanted to, but hopefully she'll get here tomorrow by lunch. 

Yesterday was weigh-in day, I was feeling much better about it than I did last week. Although I gained weight from my last official weigh-in, I know that I did lose weight since last week. I did an unofficial weigh-in for the weight loss challenge I am a part of a few days before my official weigh-in was supposed to be last week and I was up 3.8 pounds. I know not all of it was actual weight gain because of my added strength training and water retention, however, seeing that number really messed with my head. This morning when I stepped on the scale though, I was down 2 pounds, so that is encouraging. 

Starting Weight: 315 lbs
Last Weight: 297.2 lbs
Current Weight: 295.2 lbs
Weight Lost: 19.8 lbs

Last week when I saw that number on the scale, it set a precedent for how I felt the entire week. I honestly try so hard to not let a small gain or maintaining, get me down, but it is really difficult. It was just added stress and it was more than I could handle at that moment, and it definitely dragged my week down. I did workout, around 140 minutes, I did strength training 3 days, but my nutrition was off. My days were wonderful, but in the evening I ate more than I needed to. Honestly, I'm surprised that I saw a 2 pound loss this week. I am hoping that this week will be better nutritionally and I will see another loss.

This week is going to be a busy one, I hope to get a bunch of school work done, along with spending a great deal of time with my best friend while she is here. So, I don't know how much time I'll have to blog, hopefully I'll be able to blog either Wednesday or Friday, but I won't make any promises. I'll be back next Sunday or Monday though. Tomorrow I'm doing measurements, so I will share those results in my next post. I'm off to get some school work done. I hope that you all have an amazing day and evening. Until next time!


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