Friday, January 9, 2015

New Experiences and Enduring

Hi all!

Happy Friday! How are you all doing today? It's a beautiful yet cold day here in Wisconsin. Beginning tomorrow, it is suppose to be warming up. We'll be in double digits before windchill and that's a very happy thought. It was my nephew's birthday 2 days ago and tomorrow afternoon we're celebrating. Hopefully my sister-in-law will have some healthier options available, doubtful but I still have hope. If not, I'll make the best choices that I can or simply eat at home instead.

My legs are still killing from leg day on Wednesday but I'm pushing through the sore muscles. As much as it hurts, I love sore muscles. Today my workout was abs and cardio. My abs are definitely the part of me that I want to see transform the most, sadly, I cannot spot reduce. So, I'm continuing my cardio to burn fat and doing exercises that will help to tone my muscles. As long as I continue this, I will see results, slowly but surely.

This morning, I was doing some research about kettlebell workouts. I got a kettlebell for Christmas and I wanted to learn proper form for different exercises that I found. After learning the proper form for kettlebell swings, I decided to use that as part of my cardio for the day. Let me tell you, the kettlebell definitely gives you a phenomenal workout. My calorie burn in 20 minutes with the kettlebell would have taken at least an hour, if not more, through walking alone. Not to mention that the kettlebell offers toning benefits.

Weigh-in is in a few days, I'm excited to see the results. I've been at or under my calorie goal every day this week and have worked out 4 days thus far. Overall, it has been a great week in regards to nutrition and fitness. :) Well, now I am off to go continue working ahead on my school work. I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Until next time!


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