Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Hi all!

Happy Wednesday! How are you all doing today? I'm doing absolutely wonderful, tired, but wonderful nevertheless. I stayed up later last night because my boyfriend had to teach last night until 10 his time, which is midnight my time. Being able to end my night talking to him, is worth all the tiredness I feel though. Is it January yet? I am so ready to go and visit him, it'll be wonderful to spend a few days with him. :) Oh, and I just have to mention how proud I am of him because he is officially done with his associates degree, so he is now a college graduate! It took him longer because he's working full time but he never gave up. So, I am incredibly proud of him! :)

Today, I decided that I am going to measure more of my foods. Don't get me wrong, I already do measure a great deal of my food but there are certain things that I wouldn't measure. However, after I measured these things this morning, I realized how important it is to measure them. One of the proteins I was eating, I was probably overestimating the macros for it. Then with my coffee creamer, I was underestimating the macros. So, who knows what else I have been doing that with. From now on, I'll be measuring most of the foods I'm eating.

Over the weekend, my mother made some homemade rice pudding. Ugh, it was so delicious. Thankfully, last night, my father finished it up. Now my evenings should be much healthier. For me, especially with something like rice pudding, it is difficult to only have a little. Typically, I'll just have a FiberOne bar before bed, so it's only 90 or 180 calories. Now, I can get back to that and it should help my weigh-ins. :) My next weigh-in for the challenge I'm a part of is in 2 days, I'm looking forward to it. I'm hoping to see a loss and I'm hopeful after my doctor appointment yesterday.

I have been doing really well with my fitness lately, so I'm proud of myself for that. Out of the past 11 days, I have worked out 10 of them. Not to mention that all but one of the days I worked out, my workouts lasted at least 30 minutes. I absolutely adore working out, so I cannot wait until I get my strength training stuff for Christmas. Honestly, I'm becoming restless with not being able to use the equipment when I know it's there. 9 days, I can wait that long. But then I'm starting my strength training and going to amp it up. :)

This post is long enough, so I'm off. I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon and evening. Until next time!


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