Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hi all!

Happy Tuesday! How are you all doing today? It is another dreary day, sun, where are you?!? Today is just a blah day all around, I'm sick, hopefully it'll pass through quickly. What perfect time, huh? Just in time for the holidays. In fact, my dad is sick as well and my mom was last night. So, apparently something is going around. My schedule is all out of whack this week, with Christmas, and as much as I love the holidays, I despise when my schedule is different. It'll be wonderful to see my friends this week though, I'll get coffee with my best friend on Wednesday and then part of my group of friends are getting together for lunch on Friday. Plus, spending time with family on Christmas. What do you all do for the holidays?

Even though today is not a great day, yesterday was wonderful. Yesterday morning, I had a wonderful conversation with boyfriend and it made me feel incredibly thankful and grateful for him, even from afar he is uplifting me, helping me to get out of my comfort zone and have more confidence in my body. Let me give a little back story first. Anyone who really knows me, knows that that part about me that I dislike the most is my midsection. So yesterday morning, my boyfriend wanted to see what I was wearing. I hate taking pictures like that because that shows off my midsection and I can only hide so far under my clothing. Even though I didn't say anything negative about myself in my text, my man knows me too well already. He still told me how pretty he thinks I look all the time and that he loves seeing how I look in the morning before getting ready. Bless his heart for being such a sweet man. He is continually trying to build up my confidence level in regards to my body.

To me, the right kind of confidence is the most attractive thing that a person can possess. Is it really any different the other way around? Confidence is attractive, no matter the gender. I am more confidence about my body now than I was in the past, however when it comes to my midsection, I just lose all of it. So, it is something I am really working on. When I look in the mirror, I do try to look at my midsection and think positive things about it. I have been doing this over the past week or so and it is truly helping. This is something that I am going to continue to do, especially as I am transforming myself. I am hoping that by doing this, I will find fewer faults with myself later on, as well.

Yesterday morning, I posted about how I'm feeling thankful and blessed to have my boyfriend, and one of my friends wrote a few things that really stood out to me. It stood out to me because it was from a man's perspective, which I think is really important to understand. I was telling my friend about how special my boyfriend is to me and how I am incredibly lucky to have him in my life, then he told me that my boyfriend is probably feeling the same way about me. And it's true, my boyfriend does tell me how lucky he feels that I'm his. When he says that, I tell him how sweet he is but I sort of brush it off because I suppose I feel that my boyfriend could do so much better than me. He deserves the world and even though I may not feel that I am enough for him, he gets to make that choice. If you think about it though, both people in the relationship, probably feel that way. And, what an incredible gift that we can give our partner by choosing them. We are telling our partner that we believe that they do give us the world, they are our world. God... just thinking about it gives me chills. It is such a beautiful image. All I can say is that I am incredibly thankful and blessed to have a man in my life, who believes that I give him the world, especially when the feeling is mutual. It is a blessing to have someone in your life who makes you feel that way, because some people are not that lucky.

Well, this has gotten longer than I thought it would. But now I'm off to relax for a little while before bed. I hope you all have a wonderful evening or day (depending on where you are). I have a busier day tomorrow but it should be a good one. So, until next time!


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