Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Body Image

Hi all!

Happy Wednesday! How are you all doing on this dreary, yet beautiful December day? I cannot believe it's already the 10th of December! This month is flying by, it'll be my dad and boyfriend's birthday's soon, only 9 more days. I can't wait to celebrate both of these amazing men in my life, they are each such a blessing. Speaking of my boyfriend, he left for Arizona today because of his job :( So that means we won't be talking as much over the next few days, which is sad, but hopefully I can go and visit him in the beginning of January. It will be wonderful to see him and I could definitely handle California in January. :)

This week I have finally been able to workout again and it has been incredibly helpful. I always tend to do better nutritionally when I am also able to workout. I am also adding more protein to my diet and thus far, it is helping curb my appetite. While, I do know that it may not always help as much as it has, it is a positive choice. In my opinion, protein is never a bad decision, especially since the proteins I choose are pretty low on carbs. Speaking of carbs, my boyfriend asked me if I like carbs or not. I laughed at him because I'm sort of obsessed with them. It just made me chuckle because I love carbs a bit too much.

There is something important that I want to talk about today, that I hold near and dear to my heart. Body image. It is something that all of us struggle with at some level and it is something that I have been struggling with a lot the past few weeks. I mentioned it a little in my post from a few days ago but I want to expand on it.

All of us struggle with body image, no matter your size, age, sex, etc... I've been struggling with body image a lot lately, part of it may be because I wasn't able to workout for a month. Or because I have a boyfriend again and I want to look attractive for him. Or maybe because I've gained back 40 pounds since moving back to WI. It could be anything. Nevertheless, I have been struggling with it. Honestly, it is not my whole body that I am having an issue with, it's my midsection. That has always been the area that I dislike about myself the most. My stomach is larger and it has made my back a bit bigger as well. Although I do not necessarily like the size of the rest of me, I am not as self-conscious about the other areas. I am trying to love myself at every size because if I don't, then I may still find faults in my body when I am thinner. I'm always preaching to others, how we need to love ourselves, no matter what size clothing we wear or how much we weigh. It is definitely something that is easier said then done. Having a healthy body image is a daily battle for me. I need to tell myself every morning, positive things about myself. Even though I may not like how a certain part looks, I do love myself and my body size does not define who I am as a person!

I look at my best friend who is 105 lbs, wears a size 2, and is in phenomenal shape, she still struggles with body image. People of all shapes and sizes wish they could change something about their body. There will always be people who are thinner than you. Have a larger chest. Bigger or smaller butt. Smaller hips. Smaller waist. Leaner muscles. Small clothing size. The list could go on and on. So my point here: learn to love yourself, no matter what! Our weight and clothing size do not define us as a person, it does not show our heart or mind. The best advice I can ever give someone, is to learn to love themselves at any size.

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening. I'll be doing some reading and hopefully texting my boyfriend a little, if he has the time. Until next time!


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