Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fat-Burning Zone and Physical Attractiveness

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Happy Saturday! How are you all today? I am absolutely wonderful today, it's the weekend, but I still need to put the finishing touches on my homework for the week.Today is shopping day for food, so I'm going to throw on my HRM and see my multi-tasking calorie burn :)

I read this article yesterday afternoon and it made me re-evaluate a few things in my fitness routine. It was an article about the fat-burning zone and it gave me a way to calculate my average fat-burning zone according to my heart rate. After reading this article and pondering on it, I realized that I've been focusing on numbers again, instead of how I feel. It's true, I have been focusing on my calories burned per workout, at least 300 calories each workout has been my goal. Honestly, it frustrates me that I have been focusing on another number. Don't get me wrong, I need to burn a certain amount of calories to lose weight each week and I love seeing those high calorie burns on my HRM. Why on earth am I choosing to focus on another number though? My ultimate goal will depend on how I feel about myself, no matter what weight or clothing size. I'm not setting a very good example for my future self when I focus on numbers, no matter what they may be.

Also, I was on this message board for the other fitness site I'm a part of and I just need to rant about something. This guy who was probably 20-something said the reason he wanted to lose weight was because of girls and he's not the first person who I've seen with something like this. It frustrates me to the core. Don't get me wrong, of course I want to be attractive to other people, who doesn't? But seriously, that is your only reason for wanting to lose weight? Shouldn't your health be your number one reason? Or to set a good example for your family? Or something like that. This is just my opinion but, I just don't get it. Physical beauty will fade away, no doubt about it, and not every person will find you attractive. That's just how it is, no matter how beautiful or handsome you might be, you will still not be someones type. I know men and women who are attracted to all sorts of people, some are thin, athletic, curvy, average and heavy set. Everyone is attracted to a different kind of person and no one is wrong to like a certain body type, it's just your personal preference.

My final thought, stop trying to become what society says you should and be you. No matter how much you weigh or what your clothing size is, just be confident in yourself. No matter how attractive someone is, they may be a jerk or have unattractive personality traits. Plus, in my eyes, confidence (not cockiness) is one of the most attractive traits in a person.

I hope you all have a good day. Until next time!


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