Monday, September 8, 2014


Hey all!

*Looks around and wonders if anyone is still reading* Long time, no post... It has almost been 6 months since my last posting. How are you all doing today? Life has been crazy for me the past 6 months and not in all good ways. Here's what I've been up to (not necessarily in this exact order):

1. I quit my job that I had because the owner called me worthless and said that I'll never amount to anything.

2. I called off my engagement because the guy started treating me horribly and was trying to control my life completely. He told me to give up all my dreams because his were different.

3. In July I got another job but had to end my time there because I had a work-related back injury that is still healing, 7 weeks later.

4. I've applied for graduate school and now impatiently waiting for them to contact me.

5. I took the MAC (a graduate school exam) and received a good score. :)

6.Started my final year of undergraduate work and am slowing increasing my GPA (I'm at a 3.8 right now).

7. I've gained some weight back and got out of an exercise routine because of my back injury and finally this week I'm trying to get back to it. So far so good. 

8. I was depressed for a few months and now I have finally worked through everything and began loving life again.

9. My current goal is to lose at least 50 pounds before going off to grad school in 11 months. To do this, I will be stick to my calorie goal daily and working out at least 4 days a week.

10. I started doing this data entry thing online through Amazon, so I have a little income coming in again. 

So yeah, things have been crazy, but I'm glad to be back right now. It feels good to be writing again, hopefully I'll be able to do more of this when I'm stressed and just in general. For the past 6 months I have been turning to food to deal with my emotions, it's no wonder why I gained weight back. I am definitely unhappy with my weight right now, since I was down 35 more pounds, but I'm trying to not get discouraged. With hard work and determination I will get back down to that weight and even less. Yesterday and today have gone well, so it's a good start. Plus, I'm getting back into an exercise routine, only walking right now because of my back, but I have 93 fitness minutes so far this week. Hopefully these small changes will show up when I weigh-in on Sunday.

Even though it's already the 8th, I have some monthly goals:

1. Lose 3 pounds
2. Eat within my calorie goal, daily
3. Work out at least 4 days/week
4. Stop unhealthy late night snacking
5. Stop procrastinating on my papers for school
6. Blog at least 4 days/week
7. Stay positive
8. Do at least 30 data entry tasks/week

There are my goals, I'm determined to achieve these things. Time to go and work on homework and watch the game though. I hope you all have had a wonderful day and evening! Until next time.


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