Monday, January 13, 2014

No Excuses

Hi all!

How are you all doing this evening? I know I already posted today but I have something that I want to be honest about, a confession if you have it.

It's no wonder why I had gained back 35 or so pounds after moving home. I babysit for my 3 year old, twin nieces and they eat smaller amounts but more often while I'm watching them. My problem with it was that I would eat every time they would and I would eat way too much each time. Not only that but I'd eat a higher calorie breakfast, a lunch besides what my nieces would have, dinner and an evening snack. Today was actually different though, I did have their leftovers but I did log everything and I still have a few calories left over tonight. :)

Oh and I officially started my own version of the 30DS today and I'm sure my muscles are going to be feeling it over the next few days. Honestly, I love the 30DS because it incorporates cardio and strength at the same time. So I'm killing two birds with one stone in regards to my weekly goals and I'm really happy about it so far. This is my third time starting a 30DS look alike program and this time I'm committing to finishing it, no matter what. No more excuses.

Speaking of no excuses, I've really realized that I've made excuses with my weight loss/gain. If my muscles were hurting too much, I would just chose to not exercise, when in fact they weren't hurting "that" badly. Or if I would have a sprained ankle or something like that, I would just give up altogether instead of working a part of my body that I was able to. And my food excuses... "I've already screwed up today, so I might as well eat whatever I want and a bunch of it". "I'll make two packages of this and save half of it for tomorrow (which never happened, I always ate all of it)". "A serving of this (whatever unhealthy food of choice) won't hurt me (then I eat at least three times more than I needed to)".

Anyways... no more excuses, that's my promise to myself. I need to put my health first and get healthy. My shows are on tonight though and it's time to go and pay attention to them. Have a good night everyone. So until next time!


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