Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Updates (Day 643)

Hi all!

Happy Wednesday! How are you all doing today? Before I say anything else, I want to wish my mother a happy birthday! Love you mom! It has been so long since I actually sat down and wrote a decent sized blog but I am excited that I am able to today. Things have been absolutely crazy since I moved let me explain:
I moved into my apartment 9 days ago and I love it here! On Tuesday of last week, I started my job and it was horrible. I worked again on Wednesday and I was in so much pain that night that I did not sleep at all. Thursday I emailed my boss and told him that this was not a good fit for me and I started searching for new jobs. On Friday, I had an interview at a University here in town to be an academic specialist, which went really well. On Monday, I received a phone call from them for a second interview, which is later today. I am praying that it will go well, because this job would be amazing. I have such a passion for education and helping people make the best decisions for themselves regarding school. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers today regarding that.

Anyways, my Internet still is not set up because I am waiting on my modem. It stinks though; I have to go out to use the Internet, which is an almost daily thing, because of my homework. Thankfully, I have been able to get everything done on time and I only have a few more weeks of this summer session left (including next week off for the 4th). Then next session I only have one class, which will be better for when I do start working. And then when fall sessions begin, I finally get to start my psychology classes! :) I am excessively excited for those classes to start, but I will finally be taking classes for my actual degree. I see the light at the end of the tunnel for my Bachelor’s… less than a year left. :)

It has been insanely crazy since I have moved but I love it. It is so beautiful here and I will upload pictures of my apartment and from my move as soon as I can. Thank you all for being patient with me. I miss you all! And good Lord, I miss Abid too. We haven't been able to Skype as much because I don't have Internet at home. Oh well, we will get through this, it will only make us stronger. I do wish he was here with me though. :( But I have homework to get to. I hope you all have an amazing day! So until next time!



  1. Great post. hope your mom has a great bday.

    hate you miss Abid I know that's hard being away from him. What's he do exactly that has you away from him? that part i'm confused on.

    Just noticed you've lost 41 lbs. way to go girl. Keep it up. You can do it. If I can you can. :D

    Good luck with the 2nd interview today. hope you get the job.

    would love for you to join this hop in which I'm the co-host so come link up.

  2. I have a good feeling about this potential new job.. I think you got it ;)