Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Slacker! (Day 600)

Hi all!

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone doing today? It's an absolutely beautiful day here, warmer and the sun is shining. I feel really lazy today, although I did get a workout in. I have homework to do but I'm just not feeling it at the moment. Tonight I do need to get my butt in gear though because I do not want to need to get something done tomorrow because it's due. I want to be able to have it done and just have to post it and be able to work on other homework.

Last night my eating was horrendous. I'm not really sure why, but nevertheless it was not on track. Today is a new day though, that's the beauty of it. Each morning we get to start over, wipe our slate clean. So far today I have done quite well with my nutrition and I'm planning on having a healthy dinner. As I said before, I did get my workout in this morning, walking/jogging intervals and then a circuit training video. Halfway through my workout I got a call on Skype from Abid, so I had to cut my walking/jogging intervals short. But I was very thankful to be able to talk to him, that's two days in a row after a long period of his internet not working at all. :)

Abid is so worried about his visa and us being apart. It's really hard for me because I need to be strong for us, when I worry about it as much as he does. I tell him that we need to be patient and stay positive but the worrying is getting to him. And when he worries so much, it worries me and stresses me out. I just pray that the petition will be processed soon and we will have a positive result from it. Abid and I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and prayers with this!

I suppose, I need to stop being a slacker and get my homework done. Have an amazing day/evening everyone! So until next time!


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