Monday, April 22, 2013

Giveaway Winner and CCU (Day 578)

Hi all!

Happy Monday! How are you all today? It's another beautiful day here but it is my last Monday morning being here! I finally have a flight home for Sunday morning, I'm quite excited for it. I have enjoyed my vacation but I'm also ready to go home. Sunday will be a very early morning, we have to leave by 5:45am at the latest. Oh well, I'm just happy to be going home in a few days.

I checked my email this  morning and I found out that I won another giveaway! This time it is from Helen at Eat.Enjoy.Live., she's pretty wonderful, I love reading her blog. Go check her out! The giveaway consists of an Amazon gift card from Malo at The Daily Frenchie, ad space from Hayley's World and The Framed Lady, and a shirt from Christ Centered Home Magazine. So for the next month I will be on The Framed Lady and Gypsybeee. And for the next two month's I will be on Hayley's World and Being Erica. I'm very excited for these ads to start and I'm quite thankful that these wonderful ladies were a part of the giveaways I won.

It's officially the last week of my first class at CCU. I cannot believe it's already been 10 weeks, it's flown by. But today I have been able to view my first block of summer classes, Biology and Acts & Pauline Literature. Let's just say, the first 5 weeks are going to be pretty intense and busy, actually the second 5 weeks will be that way as well. Except the second five week I will be finishing Biology, plus adding Business Communication Skills and Psalms. 3 classes, am I insane? Oh well... I'm getting five classes out of the way this summer alone. I'll be five steps closer to graduation. :) But I do know that I'll definitely be keeping a calendar of what is due when this summer, at least for the first two blocks of classes (only 1 class in the final session).

And one last things... I follow a ton of blogs on bloglovin/GFC and half the time I only read the ones that I always read or if there is an interesting title. I do not want to do that anymore... so starting today I am trying to read every single one of the blogs that I follow. Hopefully I'll comment on some even, if they trip my trigger. Well this post is long enough and I have 2 papers due this week... gotta keep up my A in the class. So until next time.



  1. Hi Sara! Such a neat blog you have here. :) I'm now a follower!

  2. love that you are trying to read all the blogs you follow!! that is so awesome!