Thursday, March 14, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup (Day 539)

Hi all!

How is everyone doing today? It's Thursday, already (can you believe it?). I had my final physical therapy session this morning and I have a follow up with my doctor tomorrow morning. So hopefully he won't think I need more PT and that I can begin adding heavier exercise pretty soon. This morning after PT I did get some exercise in though, 30 minutes of walking with a little upper body strength. But tomorrow will be the day that I walk 2 miles. It will be a challenge but I'm really looking forward to it. In general, I just love how I feel after I get a good walk in.

My professor returned our first big graded paper today, I was nervous because he sent out an email to all of us about trends in our papers. But I did fairly well on it, worse than what I would have liked (I always expect to do work that earns me 100%) but this was the first paper he got more intense on about APA formatting. My professor gave me so really great feedback and at the end of the paper he had some very kind words about my writing. He thinks that if I just make a few changes, I could be an amazing writer. I take great pride in my writing ability, so I welcome any advice about it. :) So I'm going to incorporate his advice into next weeks paper.

Today is a high carb day, honestly, I'm sort of excited about it today. I'm going to put a banana in my protein shake (it's freakishly delicious) plus I'm going to have some bread at dinner. Yesterday I had an okay day, I was under my initial calorie goal by about 370 calories plus my exercise calories. But it was the first time that I went over my carb limit (I was over by 1, so I'm not worried about it). I was under my protein level a lot yesterday, but I just wasn't feeling my protein shake. And my fat levels were alright, lower than what I needed it to be.

Since it's Thursday, it's time to link up for Non-Scale Victories Thursday! I absolutely love Thursday's for this reason, it's wonderful to link up and see every one's NSV's. This week I have so many things to share.

1. I finished physical therapy
2. I have walked every day this week
3. Some of my old clothes are fitting again (from before I gained weight back in 2008)
4. I've stuck to my carb cycling goals (besides being 1 gram over my carb total yesterday)
5. I've drank at least 100 oz of water every day
6. I have made healthier late night snacking choices (I've only late night snacked twice this week)
7. The petition for Abid's visa is on it's way to Texas
8. I didn't stress eat after having a horrible night on Tuesday


Time to go and catch up on some blogs and discussion posts. I hope that you're all having a wonderful day! So until next time.



  1. Those are some great non-scale victories! you have a lot to be proud about, good luck with the physical therapy, it will be nice to get the green light to start doing more I bet :) Happy Friday

  2. Here from the link up! Congratulations on all your NSV! I'm a big walker myself so I think it's really terrific that you were able to walk everyday. Nice job!