Sunday, March 3, 2013

Starting carb cycling - High carb day (Day 528)

Hi all!

Happy Sunday! How is everyone doing today? It is an absolutely gorgeous day here, a little cold but the sun is shining. :) I had a weigh-in today, and I maintained since Friday (I weigh-in on the first and last day of the month as well as my weekly weigh-in's).

Today I started carb cycling, and it's a high carb day. Honestly, it's freakishly hard to eat this many carbs and protein yet stay lower on fats. One thing that I'm trying to do is plan my meals to see how I'm doing with all my levels. I thought that my low carb days were going to be hard, but it seems that my high carb days are harder. I've had breakfast, a morning snack, and lunch already, and I'm doing good on carbs and fat but my protein level is greatly lacking. But I feel like I've been eating all day, I'm sure I'll go over my calories some on my high carb days (because of all the dang food I have to eat). I'll make sure to stick to my calorie goal on my low carb days though. I'm really trying to eat healthier foods on my high carb days as well. But I guess throughout this week I'll have to research what foods will give me a good amount of protein.

A few of my classmates are finally getting their acts together and posting in our group discussion. Thank God. We're making good progress on our thesis statements (that's a good thing since they're due tonight). It stinks that we weren't able to make progress on this sooner though because this coming week there is quite a bit to do. I have to write a paper that will take a little more time, thankfully the reading assignment is pretty minimal.

But it's just about time for dinner with the family and then onto some homework. So until next time.


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  1. Good luck with your journey. Looking forward to see your progress.

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