Friday, February 8, 2013

Year 1 Day 140 (Day 505)

Hi all! Sorry this one is so late but it was a long and crazy day. I was doing some thinking last night about my friend's wedding in October and I've decided that I want to look amazing. I'm the maid of honor and I don't want to look back at those pictures and hate how I look, so that means I really have to get serious about my weight loss again. Plus I'll be getting married within the next year and a half, and I definitely hope to be closer to my goal weight by then. So it's time to get serious again. I need to really focus on heavier strength training, cardio, and a better diet. While I'm sick I can't focus on fitness as much but I can focus on nutrition, so that's my plan for the next 2 weeks. Honestly, I love strength training, especially squats and bridges. :) But I'm also going to focus on arms and shoulders because we are wearing strapless knee length dresses.

Last night I got quite a shock. Abid was able to come online and first we were talking about the paperwork that needs to be done for Abid to get his visa. I told him all the documents that need to be filled out and we were just going through some of the things that he will need to do from his side. After that conversation was done, we started our normal call but then he lays this huge news on me. Tomorrow (well tonight for me), he will be moving to another city to start a new job. He was hired at a store that is almost 4 hours from where he is living now. So he will be moving there but here's the kicker, he won't have a computer at first!?! I just started crying because we haven't been able to talk much lately because of his internet, and now this. But he assured me that everything would be fine and that we would still talk. He'll call me on the phone and will get a laptop as soon as he can. Don't get me wrong, this will be great for him. It will be nice that he is starting a new job because then it will be a little easier for us later when we are trying to pay for our wedding. But I think what upset me the most was that he didn't talk to me about it first, he just made the decision on his own. I got over that quite quickly though, because I'm so proud of him for putting himself out there and going out of his comfort zone. :)

I'm quite excited because I'm officially registered for my first class! It will be starting on February 18th and will last 10 weeks. :) I can't wait to get back at it, and hopefully it will help me with my weight loss as well. You're probably wondering how it will help with my weight loss, well let me enlighten you. It will help me stay busier and when I'm busier I don't feel the need to snack all the time.

Today I went with my friend Ashley, her sister, and her mom to go wedding dress and bridesmaid dress shopping. This is the bridesmaid dress and color that we picked out, sadly I don't have a picture of me in the dress because they didn't have the right size or color in the store at this time. (And this is a horrible picture of it, but you get the point). Honestly, this wasn't my favorite dress but it goes very well with her theme and the dress that she bought. Plus, it's her wedding and she can pick whatever dress she darn well pleases. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful dress but it's just not my style. Oh well, I'll have a pretty green dress that fits me perfectly.

And here is a picture of the beautiful bride in her wedding dress. :) It was so funny because when the consultant pulled this dress, Ashley didn't like it very much. But she tried on the dress anyways and just fell in love with it and that's when we put on the veil and jewelry, it was a done deal then. She looks absolutely beautiful in it (as you can see), it fit her perfectly and she looked like she could go walk down the aisle today. :)

Of course, yours truly from this morning before we left to go shopping. It was nice to wear nicer clothes, some make up and just feel pretty. I don't get to go out that much right now, especially when I'm sick, so it was a ton of fun.

But it's getting late and it's been a long day. So I'm off to take my antibiotic and then go lay down for a little bit before I talk to Abid. Until next time.


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