Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Year 1 Day 124 (Day 489)

Good afternoon! It's a new day, although it's not the nicest out, I am still thankful for it. But it's snowing today, nothing too heavy but snow is snow. Today I was talked to my high school and my transcripts are being sent out tomorrow. That means I just need to get my transcripts from Ashford sent and then I'm all set. I see starting college again in my near future! :)

I want to ask everyone to keep my future mother-in-law in their thoughts and prayers as yesterday something happened and now she is having intense back pain. Thankfully it's slowly getting better but she is still not able to do many things because of this pain.

So today is the day that I was able to start working out again! I was both excited and nervous, I couldn't wait to start working out again but I was quite nervous because I haven't been able to work out for 10 days. And then I was just going back into the 30 DS, on day 9. Well the workout went great, I'm feeling awesome! My arms are dying though, especially after that first circuit, I was using 1 lb weights today. Well just about 1 lb, it was actually 15 oz, but that's close enough to say 1 lb. :) I'm very thankful that I am able to workout again, it was driving me crazy that I could only sit around and do nothing. One thing that I have decided is that I will be taking measurements at the beginning of each level, so I will be taking measurements on Friday. :)

Yesterday I did well with my food until the evening time, and I ate too much again. :( Ugh, I'm so frustrated with myself. This really proves to me that I need to save more calories for the evening time. I was over by about 660 calories plus I was over in all of my other area's as well. And 128 oz of water. But today is a new day and it is going a lot better, I'm right on track with my water and calories.

Today I was finally able to get a hold of a near by college about ESL classes for Abid and it shouldn't be a problem to get him in in term. :) Abid is going to be so excited to hear about this! And I've got to talk to my parents about it and hopefully we can get his application going so that he can get here and start those classes.  Not to mention how amazing it would be to just have him here. Abid and I were talking on Skype this morning and he is just so worried, it breaks my heart. He just wants us to be together (I don't blame him, because I want that more than ever too) and I can tell how much he is suffering emotionally because of it. I'm just hoping that this news will lift his spirits a little and make him smile.

Is it weird that yesterday I was looking at baby names? Abid and I aren't even married yet and believe me, starting a family is still a few years away but I was looking at some babies names anyways. I know one name that I want 100%, Amanda Marie, in memory of my best friend. But other than that I didn't really have any other names in mind. So I've started looking through a few data bases and making a list of names that I like and what they mean. One thing that I want is my children to know their heritage and part of their heritage will be from Pakistan, so I have been looking at some Arabic names. Mostly I've been looking at names that have Arabic and Hebrew origins. Here's my list so far:

1. Abid (not sure if Abid wants a child named after him or not) - God's worshiper
2. Gabriel - God's able-bodied one, hero of God
3. Amanda Marie (already talked about this one) - fit to be loved. star of the sea
4. Vanessa - butterfly
5. Amadore (unisex name) - gift of love
6. Alexander - man's defender, warrior
7. Jasmine - plant with delicate, fragrant flowers
8. Adra - beauty, noble
9. Amira - princess
10. Amor - love
11. Benjamin (middle name) - son of the right hand
12. Isabelle - God's promise, God is my oath
13. Victoria - victory

I still need to talk to Abid about this and see if there are any names that he likes as well. But I have found that I love the Arabic/Hebrew names, they are absolutely beautiful. I'm also trying to pick names that are still easy enough to pronounce (I don't want to be too mean to my child :) ).  All I know is that our children are going to have a variety of names, if we have a daughter her name will be Amanda and then some kids with Arabic/Hebrew names. I've been seeing how names sound together and one strange combination that I really like is Abid Gabriel and Amadore Benjamin or Amadore Isabelle. It's strange, when I was younger I wanted very common names but now I love unique names that have beautiful meanings and sound lovely. I absolutely love putting names together that have this wonderful meaning, like Adra Amira which means beautiful princess. Or Isabelle Victoria which means God's promise victory or God's promise is victory.

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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself regarding the eating, as long as you are mindful of it. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your future mother in law. I hope everything is alright

    1. I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself, but if I don't kick my butt in gear then I'll just gain weight like I did before. Thank you, my future mother in law is doing much better now! And I always appreciate thoughts and prayers too. :)