Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Year 1 Day 123 (Day 488)

It's a new day and I'm thankful for it but good Lord it's cold outside, currently it's -6 but with windchill it feels like -22. :( This is not making me feel any better today, but it's winter in Wisconsin. I am very thankfully that tomorrow and the following days it's suppose to warm up a little bit and be close to the 20's and 30's. It's just been one of the weeks where I just want to eat everything and I have no motivation at all.

Yesterday my dad took me to the college where I got my AAS so I could get my transcripts sent over to CCU, 1 down 2 transcripts to go. My other college one, I can do online and then my high school one can be done pretty quickly. The only downside of it was that my dad wanted to go out for lunch after we were done. I try to only go out for a meal once per week, and it's typically lunch on Saturday. But this week I guess it'll be twice, this won't kill my nutritional goals for the week because I won't let it.

The past few days I haven't done well eating. The weekends are really bad for me, typically it's only Sunday but this past weekend it was both days. Oh well, it happens. It's a new week and I usually do fine during the week. I was over my calorie, fat, and protein by quite a bit, but my carbs were only 12 grams over. Thankfully I was able to get in 128 oz of water as well. And then yesterday I was over on all of my categories because I just wanted to eat, eat, and eat some more. But thankfully I was able to get in 128 oz of water. I don't know what's been going on with me lately, I just feel like eating everything in sight. It's probably stress related because I'm stressed out about school, becoming healthier, and my wedding.

Speaking of my wedding, Sunday as horrible as I was feeling, being able to see and talk to Abid really did help me feel a little better. Abid is trying to think of an easier way for us to be together or just have a plan b if  I can't get my visa for Pakistan and they won't give him a visa for the US right now. He's sweet, he just wants us to be together. Him and I being together are one of the things that is stressing me out the most, we just want to get married and start our life together. When that happens it will reduce a lot of my stress and I'm hoping that I'll be able to focus on my husband, school work, and becoming healthier. It may be more helpful when I'll have Abid supporting me, he's even offered to workout with me when we are together. He wants me to succeed at everything in life, he is the best. :)  It's hard being apart, one of the hardest things I've had to go through. It ranks right up there with losing my best friend, don't get me wrong, Skype helps but it's not the same as being together. I hate complaining about this all the time but I feel like I don't really have many people that I can talk to it about. And even those people that I do have, I don't like to complain about it all the time because then I feel like I'm just bothering them with it. So this is the best way for me to talk things through and not keep them bottled up inside.

It's been even harder the past few days and I think it's because one of my good friends is getting married in October. Don't get me wrong, I am so incredibly happy for her and I am even her maid of honor. But it's hard because she and her fiance were long distance for a few months (before they got engaged) and now they're together and they're getting married soon. It makes me want to be with Abid even more because we want the same things that my friend and her fiance have now. I know that someday I'll have that too but it's just hard. And I feel horrible that I feel this way, because she is one of my closest friends and one of the few people I can actually talk to about Abid.

I realized that I have forgotten to write out my weekly goals, so since it's only Tuesday I will still write out some goals.
1. Nutrition - stay within my goals for the rest of the week
2. Fitness - tomorrow I can start working out again, so I plan to do the 30DS at least 3 days this week
3. Motivation - stay positive and I won't let my cravings get to me
4. Water - drink 128 oz of water every day
5. School - finish up all the paper work needed for me to start classes
6. Emotionally - don't let my emotions get the best of me
7. Blogging - continue to blog at least 5 days per week

Well I suppose, my hands are very cold trying to sit here and type. So I'm going to head out and try to warm up a bit. So until next time.



  1. Great goals and it sounds like you have a great support system in Abid. All the best

    1. Thanks! Abid is a wonderful support system, he's a sweetheart. :)