Friday, January 11, 2013

Year 1 Day 112 (Day 477)

Well I did it again, I ate too much last night. :( Ugh, I just keep sabotaging myself at night. But today I won't let myself eat so much at night. Yesterday and this morning I've done a lot of analyzing of myself and I realize that I eat a lot when I'm bored, feeling lonely, stressed, and emotional. But the past few nights it was mixture of being bored and feeling lonely, because my parents haven't been home the past 2 nights like they normally would be. Along with that I'm just missing my fiance and I just want to be with him more than anything.

I had to take a rest day today, and I'm sort of sad about it. It's getting harder and harder to breathe each day, so had to take another trip to the doctor. He told me to take a few days to rest up and I can start exercising again on Monday or Tuesday, just so my new antibiotic has at least 3 days in my system. It's sort of crazy how I am yearning to exercise now and how taking 3 rest days will be difficult for me.

Today I thought I'd post a picture of myself when I wasn't all hot, sweaty, and gross looking. Even though I'm sick right now, I do feel pretty today. Shh.... don't tell my fiance that I said today, because he'd  yell at me if he heard me say I'm not pretty every day. :) Don't get me wrong, I know that I am pretty every day but today was just a good hair/make-up/total look way :) Plus now my fiance will see me looking prettier for a change ever since I got sick.

I'm doing a great job with my food and water today, it's 6 pm and I still have about 600 calories left and I've had 128 oz of water. It is helping because my parents are home tonight, and I am less prone to eat lots of junk food around them. I do need to eat more tonight because I'm only at about 1600 calories right now.

But I suppose I should go, time to watch a movie with the parents until it's time to have a Skype with my love. So until next time.


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