Thursday, January 10, 2013

Year 1 Day 111 (Day 476)

Before I say anything else, I just want to apologize for the down mood of the beginning of this post. Today was weigh-in day, and while I was not necessarily happy, I still saw a loss. A loss of .4 pounds, I was really hoping for a larger loss but what can I expect. I've got to be honest about something, last night was not pretty. I had my dinner and I should have just stopped eating at that point, but alas I did not stop. It started with one cookie which is not so bad, but it didn't end there. All of a sudden it turned into 6 cookies, again if I could have stopped eating it wouldn't have been so bad. But then I went into the fridge and got out my lunch for today, and 600 calories later, it was gone. It is what it is, I can't change what happened last night and I'm not proud of it. Today will be different, going to do a little detox of sorts. My calories will be lower than yesterday, I'm aiming for right near my calorie goal, increasing my water intake to counteract the extra sodium, increasing my protein and decreasing bad carbs. Also I plan on doing day 8 of the 30DS (check), and the most important thing is to analyze why I am eating so much when I am stressed/emotional/upset. If I don't figure out why I am doing this, then it's just a matter of time before I reach my highest weight again.

This morning I began doing a little searching for some classes for my fiance, which definitely brought my day up. When he eventually gets here, he wants to take some English classes so he can improve his verbal and written skills in English. I am so proud of him for wanting to take this step to make things better for him and our future. He is truly amazing, I am so lucky that he is in my life. I love him more than anything, but I know that everything going on in our relationship is causing me a ton of stress. But it is what it is, and I couldn't have ever wished for a more wonderful man. :)

Day 8 is complete, 22 days to go. I had to go a little light on the cardio and lunges today because yesterday I hurt my left ankle. So whenever I move it just right, I get some intense pain. I was just a little more careful today, so instead of the jogging I did 2 sessions of walking. The lunges were interesting, especially the ones where my left leg was back. But I got it done, the old me would have used my ankle as an excuse to not exercise. I am not the same person as I use to be though, I don't make excuses to skip a workout, I make sure I get a workout in 5 days/week. Some days I just don't want to workout but I do it any way because I know that I won't regret working out. Like everyone always says, no one ever regrets a workout, but they do regret making excuses to skip one.

Well I'm heading back to the doctor tomorrow, my sinus and chest infections still haven't cleared up and I've been on my antibiotics for 13 days now (I'm only suppose to be on them for 14 days). So hopefully he will be able to give me something else that will clear up these dang infections. They have been making my workouts even harder because it's difficult to breathe, but I'm not using this as an excuse to not workout (obviously).

But I suppose, time to get things done. So until next time.



  1. I know how it is with a disappointing loss, this past week my loss was .4 too. I think what is important is that you realize what you need to work on. It is ok to have a bad day, we all have them. Then you just need to make tomorrow better, so good for you!

    It is very cool about your fiance also! Does he visit you a lot? I'm guessing he lives overseas.

    1. Sadly, no. We never really get to see each other, besides on Skype. We typically Skype in the morning and then at night but he's 11 hours ahead of me here (central time zone). He does live overseas right now but we're working on getting him over here for good. I miss him way too much!

    2. Aww yeah I'm sure it is hard if he lives so far away

    3. Oh it definitely is hard but he's worth it. :)

  2. all of the those little .4's etc add up to the big picture