Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Year 1 Day 110 (Day 475)

It's a new day and it's absolutely beautiful out today. The sun is shining and it's in the mid 30's, which is perfectly lovely for January in Wisconsin. :) Plus I am feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday, so that's a positive of today as well.

So I am fairly certain that I figured out what I'm doing next month for my fitness challenges, a squat, push-up, and sit-up challenge. I was reading through a forum on Myfitnesspal and a guy posted a link to a site that shows a program that could help a person improve on their sit-ups, push-ups, squats, and a few other things. It is a 7-week program, but with the squats I can skip the first 2 weeks because I am fairly advanced with those and I can handle plenty of sit-ups and push-ups as well (seeing as I'm doing at 60 push-ups and 90 sit-ups every time I do the 30DS) If anyone wants to check it out here's the link:, plus they are links to the squats, sit-ups and other challenges toward the bottom of the left hand side. Here's my plan, I made up a little calendar for February and will be following it daily. On day one I will start out doing 20 push-ups, 40 squats, and 15 sit-ups and I will be working toward doing 100 push-ups, and 200 squats and sit-ups by the end of the month.

Yesterday I stuck to my goal. I stayed right near my calorie goal, 2126 or 2180 that I had, and that's before my exercise calories. Also, I kept my sodium lower, about 1000 mg less yesterday than the day before. This is something that I am going to continue to work on because I am still quite a bit over my suggested limit. Another thing that I am trying to do is to increase my protein and decrease my carbs, the carbs are going to be a lot harder than the protein. I want to increase my protein so hopefully I won't have such a yearning to snack. And I just love carbs way too much, so I'm trying to cut back a little. I won't be doing a low carb diet or anything but lower carb than I'm doing right now.

Day 7 complete, 23 days to go. I'm feeling stronger each day, in fact, today I increased the weight I am lifting. Today I used about 2 pound weights, so my arms are sore. That first circuit is insanely tough with those weights, push-ups and then squat/chest press. I actually wasn't able to use the weights doing the second set of squat/chest press, because my shoulders were already on fire. So I dropped the weights and still did the exercise and it was still pretty intense. Plus today I did some elevated push-ups, so my shoulders were burning from that as well. Honestly, I'm sort of excited to start level 2. Level 1 is going great but I'm also ready for the next part of the challenge, only 3 days until I'm there. :)

Until next time.



  1. Sounds like you are doing amazing! Great job!