Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Year 1 Day 109 (Day 474)

I've got to be honest, I was really trying to talk myself out of working out today. And it was the stupidest thing that I could have done, because I always feel better after getting my workout in. So even though at first I didn't want to work out, I got up off my butt, put my shoes on and started working out. I know why I felt like that this morning, yesterday at my nephew's birthday celebration, I ate too much. I was still close to my calorie range and only a few over my points (I was at 52 instead of 48) but I was feeling really down about it. Why oh why would I try to take out something I did on my workout? I shouldn't be so hard on myself, I was only 360 calories over my goal and I got a great workout yesterday. That's no reason for me to eat so much extra pizza but it is what it is. This is something that I am working on and I will conquer this problem. One thing that I won't do is mess up all of my progress for one night of eating a little too much, I am better than that. Today I am even more thankful that it is a new day.

So like I said, day 6 is complete, only 24 days to go. I started working out and 12 minutes into my workout, I felt quite light headed. So I had to cut my workout short, but a 12 minute workout is better than no minutes at all. I just feel all together off today, not sure if it's because of yesterday or if it's something else. We'll just have to wait and see how I'm feeling tomorrow. If I'm feeling better later, I will finish or do over all the circuits. Today I am going to try and stay right at my calorie goal though, since my calories and sodium were so much higher yesterday. I am also going to up my water a little more to counteract the sodium, definitely need to do that because I have a weigh-in on Thursday.

Time to go and lay down. So until next time.


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