Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1 Year Day 18 (Day 383)

Just want to give a little warning before reading this, I will be ranting/venting in a few parts :)

It is already October 10, I can't believe it. This means that I get to go home next weekend :) But I'm sort of stressed about it, because that is when I'll be telling my parents that I'm engaged to Abid. I'm not stressed about being engaged to him but I am stressed about how my mother will handle the news. And if I know my mother, she won't react well to the news. But I already know what I'm going to tell her, and that is that I love  Abid and nothing she says or does will change that fact. I'm going to marry him whether or not I have her blessing because I am 22 years old. I know that she'd love him if he was living right here, now but because he's not that's where her problem lies. Oh well, it is what it is.

Yes, today I almost swore at myself. (and for anyone who knows me, I don't swear at all) All day, I had been planning on taking a walk tonight at about 5:00. And then, at about 4:30 I lost my motivation. I was smart though and text my friend about going for a walk with me, before I lost my motivation. :) But even before she text me back, I was to the point where I was trying to motivate myself and get my butt in gear. If I want to lose at least 15 pounds by my wedding in December, I need to stay motivated. Well we had a really great walk tonight, 50 minutes with a lot of hills. My legs are definitely feeling it, but it's a good burn.

If I keep this up, I will lose at least 15 pounds by the time my wedding is here in December. :) I stepped on the scale this morning and had lost 1.4 pounds since last time, so that was very encouraging. Currently, I am doing a fall challenge and I think it's really helping me. These types of challenges always motivate me because I have a competitive nature and this challenge is point based so the more points I rack up, the higher my score. And after the first day, I am winning :) I've been trying to make better choices, especially after my bad food choice weekend. At that point I gained .2 pounds, so I knew I had to step it up and make better choices and start exercising more. Between yesterday and today, I have walked 110 minutes, so I'm gettin it done. :)

My roommate is driving me absolutely crazy! I try to be nice to her, respectful and considerate but I get absolutely nothing in return. In the mornings if she's still sleeping, I always keep the light off (and I get hardly anything done because I can't see) and am quiet, and if I'm listening to music or anything else on my computer my headphones are always in. She is disrespectful and so inconsiderate. She doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself. In the mornings she's loud (not that I'm sleeping, but I am trying to study) and she never has her headphones in no matter what is going on. (even though her headphones are sitting not even 3 feet from her) I am so sick and tired of it! I've talked to her about it before but things have only gotten worse. Ugh! This is making living here not fun at all. And this is making me want to be married and have Abid here even more so I can live off campus and be around someone who is respectful and considerate. I am amazed by how little respect and manners some people have. Don't get me wrong, I knew that before, but come on, we're both adults. Show a little common courtesy.

I am so incredibly psyched, I got my Statistics test back today and I got an 85% on it! Ahh! :) I was so excited about it, that helped push my midterm grade up to a B+ in the class, which I will take any day in that subject. :) But on that note, I need to work my butt off to get my grade up in Tests & Measurements because my midterm grade was way too low for my liking. Just going to try really hard on all of the rest of the quizzes/tests. Hopefully I can pull my grade up to at least in the B range.

But I suppose, I need to finish studying for my 2 quizzes that I have tomorrow before my skype date tonight :) So until next time.


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