Thursday, October 4, 2012

1 Year Day 13 (Day 378)

So very glad that it's already Thursday, because that means that my friend is coming to visit me tomorrow! :) This weekend is going to be amazing, out to dinner with Amanda and Ashley tomorrow night. 392 with those same girls Saturday morning and then off to Davenport on Saturday afternoon with Ashley and we're going out to lunch and dress shopping. Plus we have a ton to catch up on the entire time. And of course church with those lovely ladies on Sunday morning. :) I'm so excited!

There is one thing that really bothers me about my school, I cannot get the ample nutrition that I need to lose weight. I'm still losing weight, which I am not complaining about, but I'm losing weight because I'm not eating enough calories. I am suppose to be eating between 2100 and 2300 calories/day, and most days I'm lucky if I get 1600/1700. The days that I go eat in the caf I get more calories but I have a harder time controlling myself and then I eat way too many calories, hence why I go to Clare's to eat. But at Clare's I usually don't get enough calories without choosing the worst option on the menu. Take last night for example, I had to get the highest calorie food, because I needed to get close to my calorie range. My dinner was about 750-800 calories, and I still only made it to 1750 calories for the day. In the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty close to my total calories needed for the week, because my weekends make up for the school week because I have to eat in the caf. But it's just frustrating, I don't want to get to the point that I stop losing weight because of this. I could keep snacks around, which would help, but I don't want to tempt myself like that. It's hard enough that my roommate keeps her unhealthy snacks around. If I were to keep snacks, I'd want to eat them all right away.

Well today and tomorrow I have my Statistics quiz and my Child Development midterm, I think it's quite sad that I'm more nervous for my quiz than my midterm. But I guess it's sort of a good thing because I want to work with children/adolescents/young adults. I just feel like I should be more nervous about it through because it is a big chunk of my grade. And honestly, I'm not even all that nervous for my quiz today either, I don't know, I just feel pretty confident in myself. Oh well, I won't complain.

But I suppose, it's time for some lunch and then off to take my quiz. Until next time.


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