Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1 Year Day 12 (Day 377)

Yesterday, I did something that I haven't actually done in a long time. I got some good exercise in, I haven't been able to do that since before I had sprained my ankle. (Which was in the end of July) After dinner last night, one of my friends asked if I wanted to go for a walk. So we walked up to our school's old soccer field and just walked around there and talked, it was really amazing. She told me that it was about a mile around the soccer field, so I walked over a mile yesterday :) That wasn't even the best part, getting to know her more and just talking was amazing. She and I have a lot in common, so it was so nice to find a friend around here that I can really talk to like that. But the exercise was also amazing, lately I have just been so lazy and making excuses on why I wasn't going to exercise. I still have no idea why I do that because I feel so amazing after I get out and exercise and I know that I'm doing something good for myself. My friend and I walked for 40 minutes yesterday, and I think I'm going to start walking that routine more often.

Only 2 days until my friend comes to visit me! :) I am so excited for this (if you couldn't already tell haha :) ) It'll be so nice to see her and actually get out and go do something that isn't my normal schedule. Not to mention that she and I have so much to talk about (even though we talk pretty much every day, but this time it'll be in person) :)

So I am in the process of learning a new language, and I've gotta say, it's definitely not easy. I'm not exactly sure how my boyfriend did it, but I have so much more respect for him. He learned English, and Lord knows that isn't an easy language to learn. I am in the process of learning Urdu, (my boyfriend's first language) I'm learning it for him. All of his family besides him, his brother and a few of his cousin's don't speak English and only speak Urdu. So I really want to learn some of the language at least, so I am able to have a conversation with his family without having him translate the whole thing. He's trying to teach me a few things but now I've also done some searching online and am trying to learn that way as well. Hopefully it will work and when I go visit him in December, I will know how to say a few things in Urdu.

But I suppose, I have class in just a few minutes, so I should head out. Until next time.


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