Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1 Year Day 11 (Day 376)

Well it's now October, this year is just flying by. And because it's October, that means that I am half way through with my semester. Now that is crazy to think about, but it's also quite nice. There is one class that I am so ready to be done with and I am thankful that I won't have to take it again. I love most of my other classes, and the people in them are amazing. And don't get me wrong, I have made a few friends in the class that I hate, but I just want it to be over. Honestly, in that class, I'll be very happy with getting a B. This sort of feeling is very strange and unusual for me because I do not settle for mediocrity. I know that I can get A's and that is what I strive for in every class. I should have a 4.0 or dang close to it, that is my goal. Usually it is less than 4.0 (in fact, I've never gotten a 4.0) but it should at least be above a 3.5, I strive for that. I will graduate with honors in 2014.

This week is going by so slowly (which I knew it would) because my friend is coming to visit me in 3 days!! :) She and I are going to have an amazing time, I'm not going to be counting calories over the weekend. I'll just be trying to make semi-smart choices but it will be a challenge because we're going out to some yummy restaurants that do not have the best choices of food. But I think it'll be worth it, I'll just get back on track next week. I'm at the point now where I don't fret over a day when I don't make the best choices. As long as I get back on track, the next day I'm still okay. I just really don't want to be one of those people who freaks out if I go over on calories because in the long run, I'm still okay. I try to look at my week as a whole and compare where my total calories are then. And I've gotta be honest here, I rarely ever eat my daily amount of calories that I'm allowed because of my meal plan here at school. So I have a really large deficit and a "cheat" meal or day isn't going to kill my weight loss, it will make that week a little more reasonable weight loss. Because take this past week, I have a daily total of 1900 calories which adds up to 13,300 calories/week. And when you add up my total calories eaten for the week I'm at about 12,600 or so. So, just another reason why I don't fret. :)

Lately, I have had very little ambition to do my schoolwork. It is probably because the only homework items that I usually have is writing papers or studying for quizzes/tests. The paper's I don't mind, in fact I absolutely love writing papers. But the quizzes/tests I do not like, I hate them. Quizzes are better than tests, and I do well on them typically but the tests are my downfall, especially in Statistics and Tests & Measurements. Those classes just don't interest me as much, and you can tell by my test grades. In my other classes, I am doing very well with all of my grades, including test scores. Oh well, it is what it is and just need to work a little harder when it comes to my tests.

But I suppose, it's about lunch time and then I have a Psychology club meeting and class this afternoon. So I should head to lunch so I'm not late for my meeting. Until next time.


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