Sunday, September 23, 2012

1 Year Day 2 (Day 367)

First, I just want to thank all of my Spark friends who commented and/or read my 1 year reflection blog. You all are the greatest and I know that couldn't have reached the 1 year mark without all of your love and support on a daily basis. I love you all!

I had the most amazing NSV (non-scale victory) this morning. Okay, some background information first: I have been in size 22 pants for many months now. Lately they have been really loose. So when I was getting dressed this morning, I was my size 20 pants. And thought, what the hey, I'm gonna try them on. These size 20's were incredibly tight when I bought them. I started to put them on, and they fit perfectly now!! :) They even look decent on me, which is just another plus! From a 24 down to between a 20 and 22, I will take this victory any day of the week! :)

And yesterday, I even made a new friend or possibly even friends. I went to the caf yesterday for lunch and got my food. Then I was going to sit down by myself, like I always do, and my R.A. saw me and motioned for me to come over and sit by her. She was sitting by two other girls, which is fine and I just hung out with them for almost an hour. Then at dinner at sat by one of the girls again and we really got to talk, which was really nice. We realized that we have a class together this semester, crazy huh? Then some of her friends came over and sat by us, so I was introduced to all of them as well. So I met a bunch of new people yesterday, which was amazingly nice. I do really need to make some more friends around here because I have very few.

Oh and happy 24th birthday to my best friend! :) I had a wonderful day with her, she always makes my life fun. She is too funny, we were hanging out on Friday night. We went out to dinner to have a little early birthday celebration for her. And that was my 1 year on SparkPeople, so we were just talking. I was saying how excited I was to be down 30 pounds, and she was telling me how proud she was of me. (She's the sweetest :) ) Then I was telling her how one day last week, I skipped breakfast because I'm sick and just not feeling all that hungry every day. And because I had skipped breakfast, I only ate like 1200 calories that day. I couldn't believe what happened next, she told me that I better not become anorexic or anything like that and keep restricting my calories that much. Because if I do, then she was going to get me some help. (I love her!) But I assured her that would never happen because I love food way too much. haha :) That girl cracks me up sometimes, no wonder why she and I have been friends for 14.5 years.

But I suppose, I have a little homework that I should probably get working on before dinner tonight. Until next time.


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