Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 337

Well I'm halfway done with my first week of classes, and I like all of my classes so far. My last class everyday seems to just drag on though, hopefully that will change soon. But I love my classes and I'm slowly meeting new people. I especially love my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes, they are just more enjoyable to me. Plus they are shorter classes, only 50 minutes compared to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I love living on campus though, it's helping me to get my eating more under control. While I'm here, I can only eat so much and only so often because of my meal plan. I've lost almost a pound since being here for less than a week. :) I haven't really been able to work out (besides climbing the stairs to and from my classes) because of my ankle still hurting. But my diet has been going well, I'm sticking to around 1500 a day. Which is less than what I probably should be at but there's only so much I can eat.

I have my first quiz of this school year on Friday, so I'm sort of nervous for it. I really want to do well this semester, and I want even more to keep my GPA at or above 3.5. Because if I do then I'll get an even bigger scholarship, which is what I ultimately want. And besides that, I hope to graduate with honors with this degree. I just have to work my butt off and I should be fine, hopefully. :)

But I have a quiz to study for. So until next time.


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