Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 318

I really need to stop writing a blog and then not blogging for at least a week because it saddens me greatly. Yet again I've been very busy.

Class number 1 is done, thank God. And now class number 2 is almost done. I have all of my things done in the class, and now I'm just waiting on my teammates. I'm so glad to be done with my summer classes and I've done really well in them. Team Building I ended up having an 98.99%, which I will definitely take. And in Psychology I should end up having an A as well. So I'm very pleased with that. 

Today I started packing, so reality is starting to set in. I'm moving in exactly 2 weeks, I cannot believe it. It's a little scary, honestly. Don't get me wrong, I'm really excited to start the next chapter of my life but I am incredibly scared as well. I'm just so thankful that my best friend lives in the area that I'll be in, because who knows, I may really need her. I'm sure that I'll be fine once school starts because I'll be staying very busy and I'll be meeting more people. I just need to stop thinking about it so much, because I think I'm just sort of psyching myself out about the whole situation. 

I went and saw my Orthopedic doctor yesterday and he said that I have to wear my boot for 2-3 more weeks and then wear an ankle brace for at least a month after that. It was exactly what I wanted to hear, but I suppose it could be a ton worse. I just can't wait until my ankle is completely healed so I can get back to working out more. This is driving me insane. I've been trying to do some walking, but I can only do a few minutes of it before my ankle just starts throbbing. But it is what is it. 

Hopefully I can start blogging more consistently again... But it's game time. So I have to go and watch the love of my life play :) So until next time.


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